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Lumpectomy is a form of breast conserving surgery. It is used to remove an early stage cancer of the breast. If the cancerous tumour is well defined and is at an early stage, oncologists recommend a lumpectomy surgery or a removal of the lump and some normal tissue around it instead of a complete mastectomy (removal of the entire breast). It is also referred to as quadrantectomy, partial mastectomy, wedge resection. The amount of tissue removed depends upon the size of the lump but considering that the cancer is likely at an early stage, about a quarter of the breast tissue may be removed. Most people undergoing lumpectomy will be required to undergo about 5 to 7 weeks of radiation therapy to eliminate any cancer cells that may be present in the remaining tissue of the breast. It is also possible that a doctor may recommend lumpectomy of a suspicious breast lump and then proceed to send it for biopsy.