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Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery is a medical procedure that is carried out around eyes for cosmetic or medical reasons. Oculoplastic surgery in India or abroad may be chosen by anyone willing to correct deformities and uplift the parts near the eyes. Ophthalmologist with training in plastic or reconstructive surgery usually undertake oculoplastic surgery.
Oculoplastic surgery hospitals may treat eyelids, eyebrows, eye sockets, tear ducts, forehead or face. Condition such as the following maybe treated:
-Ptosis – drooping upper eyelid
-Ectropion – outward turned eyelids
-Entropion – inward turned eyelids
-Tear duct complications
-Eye injuries
-Weal eyelids due to Bell palsy
It can also treat problems caused by Graves’ disease and cancers around the eyes. We assist expert medical practitioners to offer patients the best oculoplastic procedures across the country.