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Radiation Therapy

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells multiply and divide very quickly. It is important to destroy these cells before they spread to other parts of the body. Radiation therapy for cancer uses radiations like X-rays, gamma rays, protons or electron beams to destroy or control malignant cells. It breaks down the internal elements of the DNA and prevents the growth of these cancerous cells.

At times, when radiation is given in an entire vein or orally in radiation therapy hospitals, it passes through other parts of the body before reaching its target. Unfortunately, the nearby cells from where the radiation passes get affected as well. Hence, such treatments are done under strict supervision and after ensuring proper precautions. However, many medicines are prescribed by doctors to subside the radiation therapy effects.
At Care Hospitals, we have experts who have years of experience in treating cancer patients using radiation therapy. We are dedicated to offer world-class yet affordable cancer care treatment to all our patients.