Minimal Access Surgery

Minimal Access Surgery

CARE Hospitals is one of the best hospitals in the field of offering minimal access surgery. The hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment for all kinds of surgical procedures. It is one of the best hospitals where surgical procedures are done using the latest tools and techniques to offer high-quality surgery. Minimal access surgery is performed by inserting a video camera and using other small instruments through a small hole. The camera helps to see the entire abdomen and the surgeon performs the surgery by looking at a screen. The surgeons at the CARE Hospitals are well trained and experienced and they try their best to offer minimal access surgery whenever possible. They offer minimal access surgery as it results in less tissue damage, precise surgery, use of few instruments, and no electric current is used. It also helps in quick recovery and causes minimum discomfort to the patients. 

The department of minimal access surgery at the CARE Hospitals offers a full spectrum of specialized surgeries under one roof. The department is equipped with the latest technology equipment and tools that help the surgeons to perform simple and complex surgeries to improve the health of the patient. The CARE Hospitals offer minimal access surgery for a wide range of conditions such as hernia, fibroids, gallstones, etc. The main types of minimal access surgeries include laparoscopy and robotic surgery. Our minimal access surgeons are highly trained and have expertise in doing minimal access surgeries as they perform numerous surgeries in a day. The main idea behind this type of surgery is that all necessary tools are inserted through a single incision. Our doctors schedule proper treatment plans after making a complete evaluation. They counsel the patients about the specific risks associated with the minimal access surgery and the possibility of doing a conventional surgery. You can count on the ability and expertise of the surgeons at the CARE Hospitals to get the best possible treatment for your condition.

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