The Da Vinci X Surgical System

The da Vinci surgical system, a distinctive epitome of technology that includes specialised "arms" for carrying tools and a camera, as well as a magnified screen and a console, is now used at CARE Hospitals to perform highly precise robotic surgery.

The Da Vinci X system is optimised for a focused-quadrant strategy. It also supports advanced technologies, including Endowrist Stapler for fully articulated stapling, EndoWrist Vessel Sealer for sealing and cutting, Advanced Vision for 3D High Definition vision and Firefly Fluorescence Imaging, and Integrated Energy for EndoWrist® monopolar and bipolar instruments.

It has the following advantages:

  • A greater range of motion and less interference are provided by smaller, thinner arms.
  • Laser guidance eliminates uncertainty in cart placement.
  • Flexible cart positioning and OR configuration are made possible by the mobile fourth arm.