Hugo™ RAS System

The Hugo™ RAS system is also used in robot-assisted surgery. Our surgeons at CARE Hospitals can now operate up to four separate robotic arms simultaneously from one console throughout the surgery by utilising a variety of modular devices and 3D imaging technologies. Additionally, Hugo may record the entire process on video, which can be shared with medical staff for additional instruction.

The Hugo™ RAS system’s components offer more flexibility and better utilisation. The Hugo cart arms are modular and portable, which is why they are more flexible. The Hugo surgeon console has a large, open, high-definition (HD) display for an immersive 3D experience. Its Task Simulator can help surgeons practise and learn the procedures, helping them become more efficient. The Hugo RAS tower is the central processing unit of the system with powerful vision technology. With the Touch Energy Enterprise, the operating room at CARE Hospitals can be connected to the cloud, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hugo RAS is not only a product; it provides a holistic user experience and helps optimise the robotic programme with a full range of training and support services.

Would a robot operate on me?

Many times, the word "robotic" misleads people. A common misconception is that a robot would perform your surgery. However, here, the surgery is not performed by robots. RAS is a technology that allows a surgeon to operate precisely with advanced tools. Hence, the robot is never making any decisions or doing anything by itself. It is completely controlled by our experienced surgeons, and the system is unable to "think" independently. It only reacts to the exact hand and finger movements made by your surgeon. Your surgeon is in charge of the surgery the entire time and is present in the operating room.