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Spine Surgery

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The Spine Surgery Department at CARE Hospital is comprised of nurses, physical therapists, doctors, and other medical professionals who treat disorders of the spine. The Spine Surgery Department at CARE Hospital provides care and treatment for various spinal problems such as infections, tumors, arthritic spinal issues, and degenerative spinal problems, deformity corrections (kyphosis and scoliosis)

At CARE Hospital, doctors perform complicated spine surgeries in a minimally invasive way, such that bones and muscles are preserved and injury to the muscles and other soft tissues is very less. A variety of modern technologies are used at CARE Hospital, to visualize the spine. It is very safe and has numerous benefits. In spinal surgery, to reach the discs, spinal nerves, and vertebrae, muscle tissue needs to be moved aside. This is done by inserting tiny, specialized instruments and microscopic cameras through small incisions. With minimally invasive surgery, the recovery period after spinal surgery has gone down from several months to only a few days. This means that patients can recover quicker and won’t have to stay at the hospital for too long. The risk of excessive blood loss is also minimized with minimally invasive surgery. They also experience less pain after the surgery, hence, the requirement of pain medication is also less.

We offer various spine surgery services, such as –

  • MIS Lumbar Diskectomy – In this procedure, a herniated disk that causes leg pain, weakness and numbness due to a nerve being pinched, is removed. The patient is positioned such that their face is downwards. Then, the surgeon makes a small incision at the location of the herniated disk. Through the incision, the surgeon will retract the nerve and remove the herniated disk.
  • MIS Lumbar Fusion – In this procedure, the patient is kept with their face downwards and a retractor is placed on either side of the spine. This is done so that there isn’t any disruption of bone and midline ligaments. The surgeon will then proceed to remove the disk and lamina using the two retractors. Then they will place the bone graft where the disk was removed. For additional support, they may also place rods or screws. In some cases, an additional bone graft may also be placed for increasing the chances of healing.
  • PELD – Stitchless spine surgery, medically known as PELD procedure is performed for patients who are suffering from sciatica, slipped disc or lower back pain due to nerve compression. With this procedure, patients can go home within 24 hours of their surgery. Not all conditions can be treated with this procedure.