Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology at CARE Hospitals in India is one of the leading oncology medical techniques opted by doctors to treat and cure cancer. As the name suggests, surgical oncology focuses on surgical methods to treat cancer. The procedure would tell the stage, diagnosis, treatment, and other managing symptoms of cancer at CARE Hospitals.

Our doctors at CARE Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad take a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach, and they are supported by a team of experts, physicians, and clinicians. We combine surgery with other cancer therapies and procedures that are required by the patient’s comprehensive cancer treatment plan. Doctors at CARE Hospitals in India have years of experience in performing various surgical procedures against cancers. Be them advanced or complex tumours, doctors at CARE Hospitals can treat any type and hence are known as the team of best doctors in India. We also offer palliative surgeries to control pain, provide comfort level and improve a patient’s quality of life. 

Surgical Oncology at CARE Hospitals in Hyderabad can help in the following-

  • Diagnose cancer 

  • Removal of tumour or a portion of the cancer

  • Determine the location and severity of the cancer 

  • Removal of body tissue that is cancerous 

  • Support other treatments like installing an infusion port

  • Restore the body's function 

  • Restore the body

  • Relieve side effects 

Our team of experts work alongside the best-chosen medical professionals including nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and naturopathic providers who can anticipate and manage the side effects of surgery. Doctors at CARE Oncology Hospital in Hyderabad discuss all the treatments and medications that would be given along the surgical procedure. Patients will be thorough with the treatment plan against cancers.

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