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An axillary tail of spencer or axillary tail of the breast extends into the axilla (under the arm) from the breast tissue. Women with this condition shy away from wearing sleeveless clothing due to bags under their axilla which is a cosmetically disfiguring condition. During menstruation, pain, and tenderness, especially under the axilla, are common symptoms of this condition. It can range from a mild bulge to a protruding bag.  

When mild to moderate protrusions occur, the only treatment option is surgical liposuction.  

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Where is the Axillary tail Located?

The axilla is where it is most commonly found. There are no visible signs in the breast, but there may be a lump near/under the armpits (axilla). The symptoms may be located anywhere around the milk line, including the face, posterior neckline, chest, and middle of the back region, as well as the lateral thighs.  

How It Develops

Some people develop underarm lumps after gaining weight, but the amount of excess weight is distributed differently for each individual. Some women collect extra inches under their arms, others on their thighs, and some under their waists. It is possible to reduce some of the accumulated fat with an effective diet and exercise program, but it may not necessarily reduce all unwanted curves.   There is also the possibility that an underarm bulge is caused by excess breast tissue rather than fat. A lump under the arm may contain this tissue that may have been present since birth or may have enlarged due to puberty or pregnancy. It is possible to reduce the size of the armpit bumps by losing a few pounds, but this may not be enough to completely eliminate them.  

Causes of Axilla Bulge Correction

Mothers are commonly affected and pass it on to their daughters. It is therefore not uncommon to see axillary breast tissue in young school girls. It can also occur during pregnancy or lactation when weight is gained or hormonal changes occur. An axillary breast may become prominent during pregnancy if it is present.  

Treatment for Axillary Bulge Correction

The only treatment for this condition is to have breast tissue removed. The technique used to correct it is laser liposuction with excision.  

Axillary Bulge Correction Surgery Advantages:

The tissue in your axilla can be safely removed during surgery. For small corrections, liposuction can be used, or excision (removal of tissue by incision) for more extensive corrections. Surgical procedures for axillary tail removal have the following advantages:

  • The underarm area is eliminated from undesirable contours.

  • There is increased mobility in the arms.

  • Clothes are less irritating.

Procedure for Axillary Bulge Correction

A liposuction procedure is minimally invasive, minor surgery. A local anesthetic or general anesthetic is administered. It is necessary to make a small incision (approximately 3mm) in the armpit area. A tumescent liquid is injected into the incision before it is closed. An incision is made and a thin metal tube is inserted through it (a cannula). In the region of the axilla, the movement of the cannula breaks the fat's interlocking bonds and converts it to a liquid state. The liquefied fat is then sucked out. Next, the incision is closed and the accessory breast tissue is removed.

The post-surgery experience

Approximately one month after surgery at the Axillary Tail Removal Hospital in Hyderabad, the skin in the axilla may be loose. The skin contracts subsequently and the individual is left with a very natural appearance. Your shoulders & arms are now waxed and polished, so you're free to wear sleeveless outfits.   Liposuction involves only one extremely small incision and is minimally invasive. The incisions are also made in the armpit region, at a place that will normally be hidden by brassieres or not visible to the naked eye. Scarring gradually fades as time goes by as well.

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