BIMA - Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery

BIMA - Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery

BIMA Bypass Surgery in Hyderabad

An alternative to bypass surgery of the heart is the use of the bilateral internal mammary arteries (BIMAs) inside the chest. Study results conducted by some of the world's top medical facilities demonstrate that BIMA can offer a wide range of long-term benefits following coronary bypass surgery. After 20 years, 90 percent of patients who have bypass surgery still have these arteries working. Despite this, the surgery requires excellent surgical skills and experience in order to be successfully performed, which is available at CARE Hospitals, a BIMA Bypass Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad.

Why it’s done?

Having your heart’s arteries bypassed is one option if you suffer from blocked arteries. It might be worth considering if:

  • Several of the arteries supplying your heart muscle have narrowed, causing severe chest pain during simple exercise or while at rest.

  • The left ventricle- the heart’s main pumping chamber- isn’t functioning properly because you have more than one diseased coronary artery.

  • You have a severely narrow or blocked left main coronary artery. Blood is supplied to the left ventricle through this artery.

  • A procedure to temporarily widen an artery by inserting and inflating a tiny balloon (angioplasty) isn’t able to treat your artery blockage.

  • It has not worked the first time you had an angioplasty or a stent inserted to keep the artery open. Your artery has narrowed again after you have had a stent inserted.

If you’re not responding to other treatments during an emergency, such as a heart attack, bypass surgery might be performed.

You will still have to change your lifestyle after undergoing coronary bypass surgery. After coronary bypass surgery, medications are prescribed routinely to lower blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of blood clots, and help your heart work as efficiently as possible.

For several reasons, coronary bypass surgery is frequently performed with BIMA at the BIMA bypass surgery hospital in Hyderabad:

  • BIMA bypasses are known to work much better and last longer than leg veins. BIMA has been proven to work even 20 years after it has been performed in 90% of cases.

  • As an excellent alternative to coronary bypass surgery, the BIMA has the same diameter as the blocked coronary arteries in the heart.

  • The pressure of the BIMA graft is identical to the individual's blood pressure. Therefore, it is able to function after bypass surgery successfully.

  • BIMA bypass surgery is performed without making any cuts in the legs or the hands. Cosmetically, it is much better than other bypass procedures. It also alleviates leg pain, infection, swelling, and other side effects.

  • A BIMA bypass procedure can be performed on both young and old patients.

With BIMA bypass surgery at CARE Hospitals, which is a BIMA Bypass Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad, there is a low risk due to the use of beating heart surgery. Patients with diabetes can also undergo BIMA bypass surgery. Research shows that BIMA surgery after bypass surgery is more effective than a single IMA.

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