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Body Contouring Surgery in Hyderabad

Body contouring is a surgical procedure to shape an area of the body. It helps in removing fat and makes your skin tight. It fine-tunes your body and gives it a proper shape by removing extra fat, and extra skin, and reshaping the area. It is not regarded as weight loss surgery. This is usually done in the areas where you do not see effective weight loss results after surgery.

Types of body contouring surgeries

The procedures of body contouring can be surgical or non-surgical:

1. Non-surgical body contouring: 

Lipolysis is a non-surgical method of removing extra skin or fat from the body. There are different types of lipolysis:

  • Injection lipolysis: In this method, the doctor will inject deoxycholic acid into your body to target fat cells.

  • Cryolipolysis: In this method, cold temperature is used to destroy fat cells

  • Laser Lipolysis: In this method, the laser is used to destroy fat cells

  • Radiofrequency: In this method, ultrasound waves and heat are used to get rid of the fat cells

The results of using non-surgical methods may vary from person to person.
2. Surgical body contouring:
Lift and Tucks: In this method, extra fat and skin are removed from the target sites. For example, tummy tuck, facelift, breast lift, and double chin surgery.
Liposuction: In this method, fat deposits are removed using the suction technique. Different liposuction procedures include tumescent liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, laser liposuction, and ultrasonic-assisted liposuction.
The doctor will do an in-depth analysis based on your diet and lifestyle before recommending a particular surgical procedure for body contouring.
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Before body contouring surgery

When you first meet with a surgeon, you will discuss a few important things. The doctor will ask about your goals, medical history, health conditions, allergies, and previous surgeries. He will also ask you if you are taking any medications, vitamins, or over-the-counter drugs. He will also ask you about the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and other illegal drugs. 
The doctor will also measure the area and examine it properly. He will take pictures of the target site and discuss different treatment options and will recommend the best treatment. He will also discuss the risks, and side effects of anesthesia and pain if you are planning for a surgical option. 
You may have to sign a consent form in which you will permit the doctor to perform the surgery. You also agree that you have fully understood the risks of the surgery.
Your doctor may ask you to get blood tests done, stop smoking and stop taking certain medications depending on which type of body contouring surgery you choose. 

During body contouring surgery

The Body Contouring Surgery may last from one hour to several hours depending on individual needs. The procedure may include:

  • Marking the sites before starting the procedure

  • Giving either local or general anaesthesia based on the type of surgery

  • Cleaning and preparing the surgical site

  • Making several incisions on the skin based on the type of procedure chosen to remove excess fat and tissue 

  • Removing excess skin and fat (liposuction or other methods can be used) from the target areas

  • Closing all the incisions after the procedure is completed and applying bandages

After body contouring surgeries

You can go home on the same day after the surgery. You should come with a family member because you will need someone to drive home. Someone must be available at home to take care of you for a day or two. A thin tube may be kept at one or more incision sites to drain fluid and prevent inflammation. The surgeon will give you the following instructions:

  • Wound care and changing the bandages

  • Measures to avoid blood clots like avoiding strenuous physical activity 

  • Advice to immediately contact the surgeon if you experience any complications

  • Avoid going out in the sun

  • Use proper medication for quick wound healing and reduce pain and infection

The benefits of body contouring surgeries

People who choose body contouring surgery to reshape their bodies can enjoy the following benefits:

  • They can have well-defined and well-shaped body parts

  • They can look younger and can have a thinner appearance

  • The skin becomes soft to touch

Most patients can see immediate results after surgery. In the non-surgical option, results may occur a little late and may take a few weeks to see the difference. 

Who needs body contouring surgery?

Body contouring surgery helps in removing extra fat and skin and makes the skin tight and recontours the body. 
The two main reasons for which people choose body contouring surgery are to remove extra skin after massive weight loss surgery and to get proper body shape for specific target areas. 
More than one procedure may be used to achieve the desired results. For example, when you plan for a tummy tuck you may have to remove the skin and tissues below the belly button and liposuction in other areas. 
When you are focused on your body shape and looks, the surgeon will explain to you the procedure to achieve the goal. Different factors such as your goals, lifestyle, and general health are important to consider in any surgical procedure. Every surgery has some risks and leaves scars on your body. There is a risk of infection too. Thus, it is important to understand the goals, risks, and benefits of body contouring surgeries before making a final decision.

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