Brain & Spine Injuries

Brain & Spine Surgery in Hyderabad

We have top-class medical practitioners to treat people affected by spine and brain conditions and also offer ample guidance to their carers and families. Our aim is to reduce anxiety and uncertainty by offering accurate, concise, clear, and helpful guidance by offering the best services. 

Know about the head and spine injuries

A disruption of the normal brain function might have been caused by a blow, jolt, or bump to the head or it may be a penetrating injury to the head. Adults and children are considered the most vulnerable. Spinal cord injuries also called SCI is described as injuries in the spinal cord. The symptoms include complete or partial loss of the motor control or sensory function of the body, legs, or arms. In severe cases, this may also affect bowel or bladder control, heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. 

Tips from our experts to manage the changes

This is not easy to cope with the consequences of brain or spine injuries. Our medical practitioners at the Brain and Spine Surgery in Hyderabad will help you cope with the functioning loss and enable you to manage lengthy rehabilitation. We understand that you might feel worried or distressed about your future. Your partner, family, or friends may also experience challenges in dealing with practical and emotional changes as injuries cause interruptions within family life due to changes in roles. These injuries might impact your social networks and work activities as well. 

For such scenarios, our experts' guidance can help you and your family members with:

  • Reliable and accurate information regarding the impact of injury

  • Help them encounter the challenges due to the disease

  • Enable them to understand the recovery process and allow them to stay with the present rather than pondering over the future

  • Highlight potential strengths and achievements in place of weaknesses

  • Guide them with the tips to take care of themselves 

  • Showing readiness of help whenever they require support 

Diagnosis for brain and spine injuries 

Our neuro spinal surgeon may recommend varied tests, including CT brain scans, MRI, X-rays, etc. After the physical examination and knowing the medical history, these tests allow us to know the exact damaged area of the spine or brain. In a few cases, we also recommend surgery. Recovery depends on the extent of the injury on your brain or spine, the age of the patient, his general health, and treatment. 

Rehabilitation for brain and spine injuries 

Our experts provide you with a tentative duration of recovery as long-term impacts of brain and spine injuries are difficult to foresee. For each patient, these are different as per the severity and cause of the condition. 
Spine injuries quadriplegia and paraplegia are those conditions that are the result of spinal cord damage due to an accident or related trauma. Health issues for people having spinal cord injury may include kidney stones, pressure sores, and urinary tract infections. 
Stroke - When you visit us at the initial stage, we educate you regarding the warning signs of stroke and help you take appropriate action. This helps you reduce stroke severity or prevent it. This is crucial for a patient or his family members to stay aware of warning signs of the brain stroke and get our medical help as early as possible. 
Brain tumor - Symptoms of a brain tumor depend on the fact that which brain part has been affected. Usually, swelling brain tissues and growing tumors cause these symptoms. 
Multiple sclerosis - This may result in neuropsychological symptoms such as depression, memory loss, and cognitive (thought-based) challenges. 
Hydrocephalus - This is a stage of abnormal enhancement of ventricles (brain cavities) and it is caused due to CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). If it remains untreated, then it may lead to death or complete brain damage. 
Coma - It occurs when a patient has a serious issue with the arousal system of the brain. Here, brain activity may also become impaired. 

Treatment offered by CARE Hospitals 

It is true that the damage caused by spine or brain injuries might not be reversed. However, our medical practitioners at the Brain & Spine Surgery Centre in Hyderabad keep on working on the best methods to improve nerve function and promote the regeneration of nerve cells that remain a prime concern after spinal cord injury. Our treatment process aims to prevent further problems and empower people to return to their productive and active life. 
When it is an emergency, our healthcare providers focus on:

  • Preventing shock 

  • Maintaining the ability to breathe 

  • Immobilizing patient's neck to stop further damage of spinal cord 

  • Fighting against possible complications such as urine or stool retention, cardiovascular or respiratory problems, and formation of blood clots in veins in extreme situations

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