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Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad

Dimple creation is a cosmetic surgery in which dimples are created on the cheeks. Dimples occur when people smile. They are mostly seen on the bottom of the cheeks. Dimples occur naturally due to indentations in the skin. Dimples are caused by deeper facial muscles or injury. Dimples are also considered to be a sign of good fortune, luck, and beauty. Therefore, the number of dimple surgeries is increasing day by day.

There are different kinds of dimples and cheek dimples are the most common. They are one or two in number. The other kind of dimple is a chin dimple and it usually occurs due to some structural defect in the jaw.


Before surgery

When you have to plan for dimple creation, you have to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Some dermatologists also have special training in doing this type of surgery. But, a facial plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon is the best doctor. 
CARE Hospitals has experienced and trained cosmetic surgeons who perform Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad by using the state-of-the-art techniques and equipment without giving much pain.
The surgeon will take your medical history and if you are taking any medications you must tell the doctor. He may ask you to stop taking certain medications a few weeks before surgery. The doctor will also explain to you the potential risks and benefits of the surgery. He will also explain to you the possible contraindications if any in your particular case. If you smoke and want to go for dimple surgery, you have to quit smoking for a few months before the procedure. Smoking can increase the risk of complications by many folds.

During surgery

The dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad can be performed in the outpatient department. You must wear loose clothes on the surgery day so that you can feel comfortable. Bring someone along so that you do not have to drive home alone. The surgery is done by giving general anesthesia to the patient. The doctor may also apply a topical anesthetic to the area of the skin. This will make sure that you do not experience any discomfort or pain. The surgeon will first mark the site where the dimple has to be created. The surgeon will use a small biopsy needle to create a hole in your skin to create a dimple. He will remove a small amount of fat and muscle to create a dimple. The size is about 2-3 mm in length. The entire procedure may take half an hour.
After creating space, the surgeon will then place a sling from one side of the cheek muscle to the other. The sling is tied permanently in place to set the dimple.  There is no scar outside. The stitches are inside the oral cavity.

After surgery

You do not have to stay in the hospital and you can go back home the same day. You may experience mild swelling after the procedure and the doctor will ask you to apply cold packs to reduce swelling. It will go away on its own in a few days.
You can return to your work two days after the surgery. You may be called for a follow-up by your doctor a few weeks after the procedure to see the results.
You will be asked to take proper care after the surgery. The oral cavity is prone to bacterial infection therefore proper care has to be taken. The doctor will recommend you an antiseptic mouthwash to use a couple of times during the day. The doctor will also recommend antibiotics for quick healing of the wound.
Dimples are visible immediately though final results may be seen after two months. The stitches used are dissolvable and need not be removed. You may have to visit the doctor for a follow-up after one or two weeks. The doctor will ask you to take a liquid diet for a few days as the incision and sutures are made inside the mouth. 

  • Thus, you have to avoid solid food and avoid using a straw.

  • You will be advised to avoid strenuous exercise but you can continue doing your daily tasks.

  • You may be asked to avoid using the toothbrush for a few days for quick healing of the wound and to prevent infection.

Risks associated with the dimple creation

Dimpleplasty may have some risks. The facial nerve may get damaged during the procedure. Other possible risks associated with dimple creation include the following at the surgical site:

  • Excess bleeding

  • Swelling and redness 

  • Infection 

  • Scarring 

If you experience an infection or excess bleeding you must report it to the doctor immediately. It may happen that you may not like the results after surgery but the effects are irreversible after this type of surgery.

When is dimple creation surgery not recommended?

Dimple creation surgery is not recommended in the following cases:

  • if you have had prior facial surgery

  • if you had prior dental surgery

  • if you are a chronic smoker

  • if you have problems with dental hygiene

  • if you suffer from mouth infections such as herpes

Purpose of dimple surgery

Dimple surgery is elective and it is not done to treat any medical condition. The main benefit of this surgery is to boost confidence and self-esteem due to a changed physical appearance after the surgery. Most patients feel satisfied and their lives improve afterward. The patient must keep in mind that the surgery offers successful and well-tolerated results. Dimple surgery has become a popular cosmetic procedure because new and highly advanced techniques are available which make the procedure safe. 
For people who believe that dimples are attractive, this procedure is the best option to improve their self-image and confidence.

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