Flail Chest

Flail Chest

Flail Chest Treatment in Hyderabad

A flail chest is a type of injury that happens if the chest is struck or hurt by a blunt object. It is a serious injury that is acquired after a heavy collapse. The condition can lead to more than three rib fractures or numerous small fractures.  A person’s chest wall can become detached and out of sync with the rest of it. 

Flail chest is one of them. It's uncommon for this to happen as a result of chest trauma, but if it occurs, medical emergencies can cause internal organ damage with bleeding. 

Lungs are mainly affected in the flail chest and a person will need immediate medical attention. It can cause serious health issues and disrupt breathing. Contact our healthcare providers in emergency cases at CARE Hospitals in India to get Flail Chest Treatment.

  • immediate treatment is required post a flail chest accident as it’s an extremely sensitive and serious condition. 

  • Younger people can recover quickly without any complications. Proper treatment at CARE Hospitals can help you out. 

  • Older people have a high risk of developing complications. They may have pneumonia or respiratory failure.

  • There can be an underlying cause of lung or blood vessel trauma. It is seen when the chest wall collapses drastically. This makes the survival chances low and requires immediate treatments.

  • People may recover in a few weeks or months if the severity is low.

  • It can also be caused by a kick of the animal leading to CPR chest compressions or traumatic injuries.

  • Rib fractures can also be caused due to blunt traumas and cause injuries like punctured lungs and blood vessel damage.


As we know flail chest is a serious injury and can lead to many reppurcurtions. It depends on how serious the case is. Severe trauma post accident should be studied including the chest area, doctors look out for the following symptoms-

  • Extreme pain in your chest

  • Tenderness in the chest 

  • Tenderness of the bone area that has fractured

  • Prominent difficulty in breathing

  • Bruising

  • Inflammation

  • uneven rising or falling of your chest while breathing

Such accidents can cause intensive internal damage that won’t be prominent to the naked eye. Doctors at CARE Hospitals make sure they go through all these symptoms and make the diagnosis accordingly. The treatments are recommended to give right away in such cases.


There are a lot of after-risks involved post flail chest. It can-

  • Cause disabilities in people (acute or chronic) depending upon the condition.

  • Persistent pain in chest walls 

  • Deformity of chest 

  • Shortness of breath 

  • Breathless even in low intensity workouts 

  • Lack of diagnosis 

  • Precautions not taken properly 

  • Inability to move or perform daily activities 

  • Oxygen problems 

  • Blunt traumas 


  • After looking at the causes a proper diagnosis is made. The diagnosis will help doctors to know the cause and underlying cause of the problem. 

  • Underlying causes can further cause complications and lead to multiple organ failures if not treated. 

  • It is very important to get the proper diagnosis before the treatment. 

  • First, will be the physical examination conducted by the doctor. Doctors at CARE Hospitals will conduct these and see the severity of the flail chest.

  • They will see the type of fracture you’ve- rib or spinal.

  • They’ll examine the breathing with the help of a stethoscope- the unusual movement of the chest wall is a clear sign of a flail chest.

  • Chest X-rays are conducted to confirm the preliminary diagnosis.

  • Plain X-ray film studies may not be able to detect rib fractures but severe injuries can confirm the flail chest. 

  • More than one X-ray is conducted.

  • Other senses and brain testing is also done by the doctor- if the case is severe, doctor will examine the neural study- they might ask you questions regarding the memory.

Flail Chest Treatment 

Flail Chest Treatment in hyderabad are follows:

  • Treatments are given immediately as it’s extremely severe.

  • The lungs are protected immediately and given oxygen therapies if needed.

  • The oxygen mask is given to assist in breathing via a concentrator or a cylinder.

  • Medications to ease down like painkillers are given by the doctors.

  • A mechanical ventilator can also be used in severe chest flail cases. This is to avoid chest cavity instability. 

  • Surgery opts-in rare cases when the injuries and risks are unable to be coped with the treatments. 

  • Consult the medical expert before undergoing a surgery- it has its own risks and benefits.

  • Once treated, you’ll recover according to the severity of the chest flail. The type of injury, location and complications developed will determine the recovery time. 

  • Mild chest flails can take up to 6 weeks while the others can take years.

  • Age is also a factor that can determine the recovery time- young people will recover faster than the elderly.

Why Choose CARE Hospitals?

CARE Hospitals have an aim to be India's most well-known healthcare provider, which is dedicated to the highest levels of clinical quality and patient care, backed by cutting-edge technology and research. 

We demand more of ourselves to provide the best to our patients. We strive for excellence in everything we do so that we can provide the best level of patient-centred care possible. 

We provide deep analysis for conditions like chest flails to help you know the situation. Our treatments are globally recommended and are used with the best cutting-edge technology. 

Chest flails are life-threatening and can cause disability in people. Our team will assist you time and give you the best healthcare services that may help you recover fast. 

Our team of doctors will take daily follow-up post-treatment to soothe your condition. We also recommend after home care to patients.

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