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Lip Reduction Treatment In Hyderabad

Lip reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery in which skin and tissues are removed from the lower or upper lip or sometimes from both lips. The surgery is done to reshape the entire lip area. In the procedure, the surgeon will remove excess fat and tissues from the lip to reduce the volume of the lips. In some people, only one lip is reduced in size. The technique used for slimming down the lower lip is called the Brazilian technique. 

Who are the right candidates for lip reduction surgery?

Everyone is not a candidate for lip reduction surgery. People who have larger lips than what’s desired by the individual or the lip size and structure are causing an obstruction may choose this surgery for reducing the size of the lips. This surgery may be done along with other aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers. The surgery is also useful for treating cleft lip and palate. It is the best treatment for correcting any asymmetry of the lips that may occur after an injury or accident. 
Lip reduction surgery cannot be recommended for people who suffer from autoimmune or inflammatory diseases. If you suffer from frequent mouth sores, lip reduction surgery is not suitable for you.  Smoking also reduces your chances of opting for this type of surgery. You cannot get lip reduction surgery if you suffer from cold sores or any other type of mouth infection. 

Lip reduction with surgery

Though surgery is a definitive method for reducing the volume of your lips, if you want to try alternative methods before choosing surgery you can choose the following methods. 

  • Dermal fillers can be used in your cheeks to add more volume to the upper part of your face

  • You can apply foundation or concealer to the lips before applying any lip color

  • Use dark colour lipsticks and stains and should avoid nude shades

  • Drink more water to reduce inflammation of the lips. 


Before surgery

You have to choose a reputed and trained cosmetic surgeon to fix an initial appointment. CARE Hospitals have a well-trained and experienced team of cosmetic surgeons that are performing different types of cosmetic surgeries. The doctors at the CARE Hospitals use the latest and modern techniques for giving minimum discomfort and pain to the patients.
During your initial consultation, the doctor will discuss your goals. The doctor will discuss the procedure and he will explain everything about the procedure in detail. The doctor will also take your medical and personal history to know if you are taking any medications or suffering from any other health problems. The doctor will ask you to stop taking some medications such as blood-thinning medications a few days before surgery. You must tell your doctor if you are suffering from any other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or stress so that he may give you suitable instructions and recommend blood tests for complete analysis.
 If you are a smoker, you have to stop smoking completely a few weeks before the procedure because smoking increases the risk of complications. The doctor may take some photographs to compare before and after photographs.

During surgery

Lip reduction surgery can be performed in the outpatient department by giving local or general anaesthesia. The process may take an hour or so to complete. It may take more time if other procedures are also done at the same time. The surgeon will clean the site and make a horizontal incision on the inner side of the lip. He will remove excess fats and tissues from your lip. This will reduce the size of your lip. Fat and tissues may be removed from both lips to give symmetry to your facial features and improve your facial appearance. After removing extra fat and tissues, the surgeon will close the incision by using stitches. The stitches are bandaged properly.

After surgery

You can go back home on the same day after surgery. You have to bring someone who can drive you back home. You must have someone at your home to take care of for one night. Your doctor will give you some instructions to take care of the wound and you must follow the instructions to get the best outcomes.

  • You must apply cold compresses for reducing swelling and quick healing of the wound

  • You must avoid eating solid foods as it can cause infection at the site

  • Avoid brushing teeth as it can delay healing and can cause pain and swelling

  • Avoid doing strenuous exercises but you can do your routine work

  • You may have to stay at home for a week for a complete and quick recovery

  • You have to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking completely after the surgery to prevent complications

  • Avoid eating acidic foods as such foods can cause infection

Risks associated with the lip reduction surgery

Every surgery carries some risks and common risks and complications associated with lip reduction surgery include the following:

  • Infection may occur at the site of the incision

  • Excessive bleeding may occur

  • Swelling may not reduce with time

  • You may experience severe pain and difficulty in eating even after a few days of surgery

If you experience any other complications you must immediately report to your doctor.


The results of the lip reduction surgery can be seen immediately. Swelling and redness may last for some days but you can speak and talk after the surgery. It may take a few weeks for complete healing of the wounds. The results are permanent. The surgery may help a person to feel and look better. In some cases, there may be too much reduction in the size of the lips. If the size gets reduced too much, the patient has to undergo lip augmentation. You must discuss potential risks and estimated costs with your surgeon before deciding on the surgery.

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