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Spondylitis is a type of arthritis affecting the spine and the joints. This can be more commonly found in men than in women which usually begins in early adulthood. This has very little flexibility in the sines and leads to pain in the back and the joints. The condition can be treated with medication and physiotherapy and the surgery takes place in very rare cases.

Ankylosing spondylitis is often referred to as a disease that causes the fusion of some of the bones in the spine which results in the reduced flexibility of the spine and leads to the hunched posture. Sometimes it can also affect the ribs which cause difficulty in breathing.


This usually occurs more in men than women and starts in the early stage of adulthood. The common symptoms are inflammation mostly in the eyes. Even though there is no exact cure, some of the treatments can help to slow down the progress of the disease. Some of the symptoms that can be detected early are pain and stiffness in the lower back and the hips which is usually in the morning hours or after certain activities.

 Some other symptoms include neck pain and fatigue. The commonly affected areas are the joint that is in between the spine and the pelvis, the vertebrae which are at the lower back, the place where the tendons and ligaments are attached to the bones, the cartilage between the breast bones and the ribs, hip, and the shoulder joints. There are chances that one might even have night sweats and sleep disorders can be experienced

Types of Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is a common type of spondylitis that mainly affects the spine, lower back, and hip joints. 

Enteropathic arthritis

This is a type of spondylitis where there is pain and inflammation in the intestines. The most common symptoms are back and joint pain and some other symptoms are stomach pain, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, and blood in the bowel movements.

Psoriatic arthritis

This type of spondylitis leads to back pain and stiffness. This is mainly connected with the psoriasis of the skin. This mainly causes pain and swelling in the joints like the finger and toes.

Reactive arthritis

The main cause of this type of spondylitis is a bacterial infection. The main cause could be a sexually transmitted disease or a gastrointestinal infection from the contamination of food. Some other symptoms are joint pain and swelling. Skin rash, eye inflammation, bladder, and genital pain, and inflammation.

Juvenile spondylitis

This is a type of arthritis that is mainly found in children and teenagers. This is usually affected in the joints of the leg. This is mainly affected in the areas where there are muscles, ligaments and tendons are present.

Undifferentiated spondylitis

The symptoms would not be the same as the back pain, skin rash, or any digestive problems but it could be inflammatory back pain, buttock pain, heel pain, fatigue, eye inflammation and more.


The doctor will ask to bend in different directions so they know exactly where the problem occurs. Some specific portions will be pressed to see where and in which position the pain occurs. X-rays will help the doctor to know the changes in joints and bones. MRI test scans also will be used,  which uses magnetic and radio waves to provide a detailed image of the bones.


The main cause of the treatment is to relieve the pain and prevent damage.

Medications: Some of the medicines are usually prescribed by the doctor to relieve the pain and stiffness.

Physical therapy: It is the best method where the therapist can specify certain exercises that would be beneficial. A physical therapist will teach the range-of-motion and stretching exercises for strengthening the abdomen and the lower back muscles and proper sleeping and walking positions.

Surgery: It is mostly not recommended at all. It is recommended only when there is intolerable pain and the hip joint is damaged. In such cases, the surgery is performed for the replacement. At CARE Hospitals, our doctors will offer a proper diagnosis and ensure you avail the best treatment possible 

There is no specific cure for spondylitis but some of the medications and the exercises will surely relieve the pain. Therefore, it is important to maintain posture especially while sitting and standing, and quit smoking as this will affect the health. If you find it difficult to quit smoking, consult the doctors at the best hospital for cervical spondylitis in Hyderabad, who will be helpful in making things much easier. Consult the doctor immediately if you find any problems like pain in the lower back and the buttocks and experience a painful eye or blurred vision

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