Best Robotic Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad

Robot-Assisted Surgery

Robot-Assisted Surgery

Best Robotic Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad

The CARE Hospitals has upgraded its specialty services by introducing the cutting-edge Robot-Assisted Surgery (RAS) technologies, namely Hugo and Da Vinci X Robotic systems. With the commencement of robotic surgeries, CARE Hospitals have reached the pinnacle of excellence. The main objective is to offer precision in our surgical procedures to achieve the best possible outcomes and high surgical success rates. Extensively trained and highly experienced surgeons at CARE Hospitals perform surgery using the latest technologies, making us one of India’s best robotic surgery hospitals.
The medical professionals experienced in Robotic surgeries at CARE Hospitals are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line surgical treatments for conditions related to urology, cardiology, gynaecology, gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeries. Cancer related surgeries are performed by Surgical oncologists using the Robotic technique.

Understanding Robot-Assisted Surgery at CARE Hospitals

Earlier, all surgeries were performed as open surgeries, wherein surgeons would have to make big scars, and as a result, the recovery period was long. With the advancement in technology, first came laparoscopy or minimally invasive surgeries and now robot-assisted surgery has taken over. 

Robotic surgeries are computer-assisted techniques with robotic systems aiding surgical procedures. It is a mechanical helping hand to surgeons. Surgeons view the patient via a terminal and manipulate the robotic surgical instruments via a control panel located in the adjoining console. The site of surgery is seen through cameras inserted into the body and the surgical site can be viewed through zooming the camera. The surgeon is in charge the entire time; the surgical system follows his instructions.

Robot-Assisted Surgery Advantage

  • 3D vision with a camera zoom
  • Smaller incisions and minimal scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay and quick recovery time 
  • Minimal blood loss 
  • Less risk of infection

How is RAS helpful?

CARE Hospitals use Robot-Assisted Surgery (RAS) technology to offer accurate and advanced patient care.

  • Robotic arms with extreme flexibility and manoeuvrability provide your surgeon more steady control and reach without injuring surrounding tissues.
  • A high-definition 3D monitor gives the surgeon a better view of the operating field.
  • An open console enables the surgeon to be nearby during surgery. 
  • With data-driven care, the surgeon can make better judgments by having access to information from previous operations.

Would a robot operate on me?

Many times, the word "robotic" misleads people. A common misconception is that a robot would perform your surgery. However, here, the surgery is not performed by robots. RAS is a technology that allows a surgeon to operate precisely with advanced tools. Hence, the robot is never making any decisions or doing anything by itself. It is completely controlled by our experienced surgeons, and the system is unable to "think" independently. It only reacts to the exact hand and finger movements made by your surgeon. Your surgeon is in charge of the surgery the entire time and is present in the operating room.

CARE Hospitals Advantage

  • Our extensively trained and experienced surgeons is unmatched. They have excellent outcomes in traditional as well as minimally invasive surgeries. 
  • Innovative and contemporary robotic equipment, which is the latest upgraded version.
  • Multidisciplinary approach for those patients with co-morbidities. 
  • An exclusive operation theatre complex that is remodeled for robotic surgeries.
  • Support of 24 x 7 imaging and laboratory services.
  • Blood bank services.
  • International infection control practices.

Our Locations

CARE Hospitals, a part of the Evercare Group, brings international quality healthcare to serve patients across the world. With 17 healthcare facilities serving 7 cities across 6 states in India we are counted among the top 5 pan-Indian hospital chains.

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