Vascular & Endovascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology

The Department of Radiology is vital for providing patients with information to enable accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. At CARE Hospitals, the department of radiology serves as a node for the dissemination of vital patient information to the respective disciplines of medicine. Equipped with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, CARE Hospitals are able to provide a precise diagnosis while maximizing patient comfort.

Interventional radiology is the medical subspecialty of radiology including the minimally invasive image-guided procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of a disease. Interventional radiologists use imaging techniques such as X-ray, CT, MRI, or ultrasound to guide and perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures through small incisions. CARE Hospitals is deemed as the top hospital for interventional radiology in Hyderabad that provides complete interventional radiology services, for inpatient and outpatient departments including emergencies.

The Department of Vascular and Endovascular surgery offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to vascular system (arterial, venous, and lymphatic systems). Vascular surgery is a surgical subspecialty in which conditions assosicated with vascular system are managed by medical therapy, minimally invasive procedures and surgical reconstruction. On the other hand, endovascular surgery is also a subspecialty used to treat conditions associated with arteries, veins, and lymphatic system, however, through a minimally invasive approach. 

CARE Hospitals is tertiary level health care service provider offering a wide spectrum of comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and management of vascular and endovascular problems in patients with many other medical needs. From academic recognition to proven clinical experience, radiologists and vascular surgeons are peer-recognised for their qualifications, and constantly committed to patient-centric care. CARE Hospitals operate as one of the best vascular care hospitals in Hyderabad providing round the clock services for vascular, endovascular surgery and interventional radiology. 

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