Pulmonology is the discipline of medical sciences dealing with the ailments of the respiratory system. CARE Hospitals is regarded as the best pulmonology hospital in Hyderabad, offering an unparalleled range of holistic health care services for patients with disorders and issues of the respiratory system and the associated organs such as the heart and the vascular system of the body along with the complex molecular processes associated with respiration. This is why we are regarded as the best hospitals in India for our expertise and proven treatment results in the field of Pulmonary problem treatments. Pulmonologists at CARE Hospitals are the specialised doctors in the field of Pulmonology who are well versed in the treatment of a variety of clinical problems related to the respiratory system.

Our Pulmonologists are well proficient in the Pulmonology Department and are dedicated to working round the clock towards diagnosis, treatment and management of Pulmonary illnesses in patients of all ages with a wide spectrum of medical needs. The Pulmonology Department at CARE Hospitals is dedicated to providing medical assistance to patients for treating every type of medical problem related to the respiratory system. Pulmonologists and other care providers at CARE Hospitals are well adept with the latest technology and techniques for the treatment of Pulmonary problems, including interventional pulmonology, multidisciplinary management of rheumatological conditions such as interstitial lung disease, ailments involving the heart and lungs such as pulmonary hypertension among others. This is what makes us the most trusted and best lung hospital in Hyderabad.

Our Pulmonologists provide comprehensive evaluation and management of the patients using state-of-the-art infrastructure to conduct complex investigations. Our pulmonologists are well-experienced and prepared to treat and manage critically ill patients with the most recent tests, procedures, services, and minimally invasive treatments. We also provide rehabilitation for patients to improve lung function and closely monitor patients during their hospital stay for identifying any postoperative complications. We offer comprehensive end-to-end care for faster recovery and overall improvement of health.

CARE Advanced Bronchoscopy Suite:

Bronchoscopy is the examination done to know the health of your lungs and the path to them or the tracheobronchial tree, using a flexible video scope. Bronchoscopy services at CARE Hospitals are backed by high-end equipment such as ultrathin flexible bronchoscopy that can reach the peripheries of the lung and the latest EVIS X1 platform for AI-aided visibility and precision diagnosis of pulmonary disorders. This state-of-the-art equipment is the first-ever installation in India by Olympus, the world leader in Endoscopy technologies.
The Bronchoscopy services here are highly advanced and the types of equipment here enable the teams to perform complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with utmost care and precision. We can efficiently perform a wide range of interventional pulmonology procedures for treatments such as-

  • Opening up the airways

  • Removal or tumor in air passages

  • Airway stent placement

  • Closure of airway fistulas 

  • Removal of foreign body

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CARE Hospitals, a part of the Evercare Group, brings international quality healthcare to serve patients across the world. With 16 healthcare facilities serving 7 cities across 6 states in India we are counted among the top 5 pan-Indian hospital chains.

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