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3 Interesting Botox Facts That Might Surprise You


3 Interesting Botox Facts That Might Surprise You

One of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Botox treatment is used to eliminate wrinkles and other cosmetic deformities. Every year, numerous men and women go through this beauty procedure to welcome youthful skin.  It’s basically a medical injection that comes with a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin type A, a sanitised derivative of clostridium botulinum. It works by temporarily numbing the muscles which are responsible for causing dynamic skin (face) disfigurements such as frowns, fine lines, wrinkles etc.

Non-intrusive and painless (relatively), Botox can be performed at non-medical settings as well. However, it is highly recommended to visit one of the best plastic surgery hospitals in your city or town if you don’t want your Botox treatment to go wrong.

Below-mentioned are some lesser-known facts about Botox. Have a look:

  • Food poisoning started it all! : A lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that food poisoning led to the creation of the magical drug called Botox. But, how did this happen? In the year 1820, Dr.Justinus Kerner conducted a research where he studied a rotten batch of sausages. It was done to understand the reason how the sausages were responsible for causing an ailment called “Wurstgift” (German term meaning sausage poison). After carefully studying the sausages, Dr.Kerner reached a conclusion which led to the unearthing of botulism, a lethal disease triggered by the improper digestion of botulinum toxin.Dr.Kerner’s research helped the future scientists a great deal in discovering what we know as Botox today.
  • Botox reduces sweating: Hyper-hidrosis (excessive sweating) is one of the most common disorders affecting squillions of people worldwide. Causing embarrassing social conditions and a lot more, this disorder prevents people from leading the much-needed quality life. The treatment options for hyper-hidrosis also include Botox. It is directly injected into the areas housing super-active sweat glands. Some of these areas are armpits, scalp, and hands. It is believed that one Botox injection can inhibit hyper-hidrosis for as long as 6.5 months.
  • Botox cures migraines: Believe it or not, Botox has a magical cure for migraines as well. Affecting the daily lives of millions of people around the globe, the problem of migraine is getting bigger day by day. It is a medically proven fact that Botox injections can cure your chronic migraines efficaciously. The procedure includes injecting the migraine patient’s head and neck at (7 specific spots) with 31 Botox injections for a period of 12 weeks.

Whether you opt for non-surgical procedures like Botox or any other plastic and cosmetic surgery, it’s best to consult a renowned skincare specialist near you before you go forward with the treatment. He/she will tell you in detail about the nature of your skin and which cosmetic procedure will be apt for you.