5 Ways To Support Elders With Chronic Diseases During Pandemic

Updated on 28 October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much disruption to life as we knew it. One of the most vulnerable groups, affected by the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, is that of the senior citizens. While a weakened immunity due to age puts them at a higher risk of being infected, those with chronic ailments have suffered much due to lack of adequate care and due to high levels of stress and anxiety. There is much that can and should be done to support elders with chronic diseases during the pandemic.

Preventive Measures During The Pandemic

Here are some tips that you can follow as preventive measures during a pandemic:

  1. Maintain healthcare schedule – Elders with chronic ailments often need to stick to a schedule with regard to doctor or hospital visits, diagnostic and monitoring tests, and treatment systems. These are likely to be disrupted by the onslaught of the pandemic. Sticking to the schedule is important but some changes need to be made. Make use of telemedicine systems and online consultation mechanisms where possible. Make an appointment with the top hospitals in India or a doctor before you visit. Use private transportation and protective gear. These will help with regular monitoring of health issues at a time when they are most vulnerable.
  2. Focus on exercise and nutritionFood and nutrition are the most important aspects of maintaining good health. During the pandemic, it is quite easy to lapse into unhealthy eating habits due to long hours of staying at home and reduced physical activity. It is important to focus on the food and nutrition of elders, making the right allowances for their chronic ailments. It is also important for them to stay active to the extent possible. You may want to check with their doctor about the exercise schedule and method best suited to their needs and flexibility.
  3. Mental health matters – The pandemic has opened us up to the need to focus on mental health. Being deprived of the social activities that we used to indulge in, staying home without much to keep us busy, and being isolated takes its toll on mental health, more so in the case of senior citizens. One of the best ways of caring for them is to call often, teach them the use of video calling and use technology to stay in touch.
  4. Emergency preparedness – Fear and anxiety during the pandemic is the worst experience for a senior citizen. Keep your elders reassured by stocking up on essentials such as protective gear, medicines, and groceries. Designate an emergency contact whom they can reach at any time of the day. Learn more about cardiac sciences and their health condition and know what needs to be done during an emergency. Knowing they will be taken care of is the best gift your elder can receive.
  5. Pandemic awareness – It is important to educate our elders about the need for safety routines and best practices when it comes to protection from the COVID-19 pandemic. This should be done without causing alarm or anxiety. Teach them the use of technology to stay updated about regulations and guidelines in the neighbourhood or in the state. You may also want to help them with online banking and cashless payment systems, thereby reducing their need to visit banks and make cash transactions.

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