Easy Ways to Improve Your Overall Health

Updated on 21 April 2022

Easy Ways to Improve Your Overall Health

We have all been in a state where we just sit down and assess our lives and realise that it’s time to make some amends and work on our overall lifestyle and become healthier and merrier. But all in all, we fail as we all aim at making huge leaps. It’s not that we don’t have that will or drive that is needed to be the better version of ourselves, but having such Highly considerable and significant goals could make anyone extremely terrorizing.

We don’t actually realise that to master such well-intentioned goals we only need a few smaller and simpler steps which could be followed by only giving a few minutes from your life. Nothing could ever be more significant than good health. And with good health, everything seems to fit in a way. You just have to ask yourself, “what’s stopping me from taking the first step towards a better life?”

Factors Affecting Our Health And Wellness

Our body is as delicate as a plant, don’t water them one day and they’ll wither rigorously.  The lifestyle of people has changed dramatically with time. And if we don’t switch to the steps and habits to improve it, our body would be vulnerable to various consequential diseases and illnesses. Here are the elements that are posing a serious threat to our overall health.

  • Pollution 

People who reside in places with high levels of air pollutants have a 20% higher risk of death from carcinoma than people that live in less-polluted areas

  • Tension and anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most traditional of mental disorders and are affecting nearly 30% of adults at some point in their lives.

  • Consumption of Junk Food

Eating Junk food on regular basis could cause health Hazards such as weight gain and obesity, Diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disorder and a higher risk of death than an average human.

  • Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep could increase the risk of premature death.

  • Inactive Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyles have a direct impact as an increased risk of early death.

Few Realistic And Simple Things To Do For Better Health And Wellness

Health and Well-Being: How to Improve Overall Health:

  • An organized way of living

The world today is fast-paced with everybody working for their own survival. Nobody wants to be left behind. They tend to overdo it with a fear of life. This gives rise to stress and Anxiety. Having a disordered room with a  messy desk, missed appointments and important dates cause an enormous amount of stress.

Take out some time from your schedule to reorganize things at home or work with a to-do list. A few 15 minutes a day towards your little organisation could have a significant amount of effect on stress level.

  • A Good Sleeping Schedule

Even your phone gives up when used for long hours while our brain is a more complex forever working natural machine. It needs recovery time too. You should be getting at least 8-9 hours of Good Sleep In a day.  Get to bed earlier, keep all the electronic devices aside,  do light stretching exercises and you’ll sleep just fine.

  • Stay Hydrated

You should target drinking at least  7-8 glasses of water every day. The best times to consume water in a day are,

  • As soon as you wake up
  • Before the meal and after a meal
  • Right in the afternoon when you require it the most
  • Before, during and after workouts/exercise.
  • When you have a migraine or minor headache.
  • Go for a walk

Walking is a form of basic, moderate-intensity exercise that has an infinite thread of health benefits and minimum risks. As per the reports of the CDC, it is recommended that most adults should aim for 10,000 steps throughout the entire day.

Most importantly for the individuals who have a desk job.

  • Meditation

A few 15-10 minutes of undisturbed meditation every day could do unimaginable wonders for you.

Meditation helps you to manage your stress levels, gives a new perspective on life, keeps you grounded in the present, enhances your patience and tolerance and a ton of other benefits.

  • Laugh it out

As they say, laughing is and will be the best form of therapy. Studies have given instances that the act of laughing or simply smiling for that matter can increase your confidence, morale, and mood and make you feel as light as a feather.

  • Volunteering

Performing uncomplicated, plain and simple selfless acts could prove highly significant for your overall health and well-being. Giving out selfless service and gestures has more value than any other materialistic needs or goods, absolutely priceless. It would actually make you feel cheerier than ever.

  • Have a balanced Diet

Your everyday diet should contain all the essential nutrients and minerals which are very much required by your body, namely vitamins, carbohydrates, omega-3s, etc

Consult the Best Nutritionist in Hyderabad to get yourself a balanced diet optimal for your body. Avoid eating ultra-processed foods which include fast food, frozen meals, canned foods, chips snack cakes, etc

  • Say no to smoking and usage of Drugs.

Smoking,  detrimental usage of Drugs and insobriety can all cause damaging negative effects on your health.

It might not be an easy step to refrain from doing such acts but try cutting back a little as a start and believe in yourself that you’ll be there. It would majorly help you reduce the risk for chronic diseases.

If needed, reach out to a few local communities working for the same and contact rehabs to seek help with this.

Remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. All it takes is the effort to actually want to change. By following these simple steps, one at a time, you’ll realise how precious the human body is and why you should take the utmost care of yourself. If you require any help maintaining your diet, head to CARE Hospitals, the Best Dietitian & Nutrition Hospital in Hyderabad.





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