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General Medicine

9 Tips to Protect Your Child from Monsoon Illness

Monsoon is the season when there is a breath of fresh air as most of the pollutants get dry and settle. Moreover, everyone gets relieved from the hot and humid weather for quite some time. With the sudden change in weather, our body sometimes is not ...

30 June 2022 Read More

General Medicine

4 Effects of Heat Wave on the body

What does heat do to our bodies? Blood vessels dilate as the body heats up. This lowers blood pressure and forces the heart to work harder to circulate blood throughout the body. This may cause minor symptoms such as an itching heat rash or swolle...

1 June 2022 Read More

General Medicine

The importance of Vitamin D in winter and how we can prevent deficiency

It is common knowledge by now that Vitamin D is integral to the body’s functioning. A deficiency in this Vitamin can cause unwanted problems and hinder our lifestyle. This is even more so the ca...

24 January 2022 Read More

General Medicine

Malaria: How parents can ensure their children’s safety from mosquitoes

Malaria kills over 600,000 people per year, the majority of whom are children under the age of five, according to the WHO. In 2016, on a daily basis, malaria claimed the lives of 800 children under th...

12 January 2022 Read More


New Year, Healthier You: Good Habits to Develop for Health in 2022

2021 was full of uncertainties due to the dangling health perils, thanks to the second wave of COVID...

10 January 2022


5 Easy Exercises to Stay Fit During the Pandemic

In times like Covid-19, the importance of boosting immunity can be hardly overemphasised. According ...

4 January 2021


3 Common Health Emergencies And Ways To Deal With Them

While our primary education took a crack at inculcating basic first aid run-throughs in us, we still...

31 December 2019


Harmful Effects of Air Pollution on Human Body

Air pollutants are emitted on a large scale on an everyday basis. It is no surprise that such emissi...

20 November 2019


Dengue Fever: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

One of the most common mosquito-borne diseases, dengue is an enervating, painful viral infection. Ca...

29 August 2019


Understanding Cholesterol: Here’s All You Need to Know

We live in a world where heart health is increasingly becoming important. To stay healthy and active...

5 July 2019



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