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Arthritis In Children: Everything You Need To Know

Juvenile arthritis in children refers to several different chronic disorders involving inflammation of joints (arthritis), which can cause: Joint pain Swelling Warmth Stiffness Loss of motion. The various forms of JIA have differen...

29 April 2022 Read More


Ensuring good orthopedic health while working from home

Working from home has taken a toll on everyone in different aspects of their health, of which mental health has been the most prominent and talked about. Our physical health too has borne the brunt of the pandemic, mostly as a result of living sedent...

27 December 2021 Read More


Tennis Elbow

How can I take care of my tennis elbow? Tennis elbow is a physical condition that occurs when tendons in the forearm get strained. It is usually a result of repetitive motions involving the wrist a...

20 October 2021 Read More


Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement - Step by Step Explanation: Also known as partial knee arthroplasty or unicompartmental knee replacement, partial knee replacement is a surgery in which only the damaged segm...

13 April 2021 Read More


How To Keep Your Bones And Joints Healthy During Winters

Much of the activities we undertake all day - walking, running, sitting, dancing, climbing up and do...

1 February 2021


Common Spine Problems and Their Treatment Options

Are you able to stand or sit upright? Thank your spine, a stack of vertebrae along with cushioning c...

2 April 2020


Your Recovery Guide to Cervical Disc Surgery

Although most of the people suffering from pain due to cervical disc diseases get better on their ow...

4 February 2020


Questions to Ask Your Doctor before Going for Knee Replacement Surgery

Healthy knees are necessary for balance and performing day-to-day activities. The knee joint can be ...

23 December 2019


Rotator Cuff Tear - Signs You Must Not Ignore

One of the main reasons why people experience shoulder pain quite regularly is rotator cuff tear. Re...

4 December 2019


Setting Your Expectations Right from a Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee osteoarthritis, which is a form of arthritis in the knee, is excruciatingly painful and can hav...

27 August 2019



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