Major Lifestyle Changes to Manage Obesity

Updated on 5 November 2019

Major Lifestyle Changes to Manage Obesity

One of the leading medical issues faced by our generation in today’s time is obesity. Defined as a complex disease in which there is an excess accumulation of body fat, obesity is more than just a cosmetic concern. Not only is it a major concern in itself, obesity is also the root cause of many critical medical conditions such as diabetes, heart issues, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Though easily developed, getting rid of obesity can be quite a challenge. A person is said to be obese when his/her body mass index (BMI) is higher than 30. But since it doesn’t directly measure body fat, BMI is not the ultimate declaration of obesity. A person can be obese due to various reasons. It could develop easily in people who have a family history of obesity, lifestyle choices, medical conditions and medications and psychological conditions among other factors. Though not all, some of these factors can be easily countered by making a change in your lifestyle and following a fixed regime.

Doctors at CARE Hospitals, one of the best cancer hospitals in Hyderabad, believe that obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer. They suggest their patients cut down on their calorie intake and increase physical activities as a means to get rid of the excessive fat that has accumulated over the years. 

Two major lifestyle changes for obesity 

  • Dietary Changes: One cannot overcome obesity without making changes to the diet. Reducing calories and incorporating healthier eating habits are the best ways to lose weight steadily and maintain it in the long run. Keep track on your calorie intake and make notes of where and how you need to reduce it. Eat more plant-based food and whole-grain carbohydrates. Avoid fats and sugar-sweetened beverages. Consume food items that have low calories as they can be eaten in larger quantities without much harm and help cut down on your hunger pangs.
  • Exercise: This is an essential part of treating obesity. Regularity is the key to losing weight through physical activity. Obese people should get about 150 minutes of moderate to intensive exercise per week to maintain their health. With time, they can increase the intensity or the time spent on these activities. Apart from the workout, there are small changes that be made to make the body work more and be constantly on the move. You can park your car at a distance from the store or your office, get active and increase the household chores and keep a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps every day.

These are the two major lifestyle changes that are an integral part of obesity treatment. You can consult a doctor for the same and seek advice on how to go about your diet and exercise. He/she will help you finalize a routine and fix your dietary concerns as well.





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