Life Style Changes to Reverse Diabetes

Updated on 18 November 2022

Diabetes is a metabolic health problem affecting many people of all ages throughout the globe. People whose diabetes is not diagnosed in time suffer from other health problems as well. Sometimes, diabetes keeps progressing even after taking proper medications. The body becomes resistant to the action of medications, and one has to add or change medications to manage diabetes better. 

Conventional diabetic treatment is expensive, and sometimes people can't buy medicines or injections for controlling blood sugar levels. Some patients have to take insulin injections several times a day to manage diabetes which may cause pain and discomfort.

However, diabetes can be managed naturally if a person suffering from it is aware of the problem. The patient must watch what the reason is for the sudden fall or rise of his /her blood sugar level. Several types of research have shown that diabetes can be reversed by making some changes in lifestyle and diet.

Lifestyle Changes You Need to Make to Reverse Diabetes

  • Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes can be reversed easily by making some effective lifestyle changes. A diabetic person can follow strict rules to manage and even treat diabetes. People suffering from diabetes must include exercise, a low-calorie diet, yoga, and meditation in their daily regime to control diabetes. The knowledge of good and bad foods for diabetics may help you control diabetes. The lifestyle changes must be made while taking the prescription medication until you see a change in the blood glucose levels and HbA1C levels lesser than 6.5%.

  • Weight Management

Losing weight also helps in reversing diabetes. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, and he/she should make changes in diet to lose at least 10-15 kgs of body weight, then the chances of a reversal increase many folds. Losing weight can also help in reducing the dosage of diabetic medications and also lowers the risk of complications. Diabetic people can eat a low-calorie diet to manage weight. They can reduce carb intake to reduce body weight.

  • Keep a Check of Blood Sugar Levels

People suffering from diabetes must check their blood sugar levels at regular intervals. An uncontrolled level of blood sugar can affect other body parts such as kidneys, eyes, liver, blood vessels, etc. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on blood sugar levels regularly and consult your doctor about any alarming changes in sugar levels.

  • Physical Exercise

You can also control and reverse diabetes by doing regular physical exercise. You can start with a simple exercise regime that can help you in losing weight and balance sugar levels in your blood. Regular exercise for 15-20 minutes daily should suffice, along with some yoga or meditation. Exercise also helps in improving the strength of muscles. You can consult with a personal physical trainer to plan a suitable exercise regime depending on the needs of your body.

  • Consistency

Setting goals and working hard to achieve them is important for a diabetic person. Consistency plays an important role in managing diabetes and reversing it slowly. If you quit your daily regime of exercise & diet, you will not be able to achieve your goal. Therefore, you must be committed to those positive lifestyle changes. Moreover, you must set only realistic goals so that it is easy to achieve them. If you want to reverse your diabetes, you must consult with a medical doctor to get proper advice.


It might be true that everyone can't reverse diabetes, but some of you can. If your HbA1c is on the lower side then it is possible to reverse diabetes. You must manage your weight and diet, practice yoga and exercise, and take proper sleep to reduce stress for controlling the symptoms of diabetes. All in all, don't forget to consult the doctor & dietician from the best diabetes hospitals in Hyderabad before making the changes and follow expert advice without fail.





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