Mental Illness In Children: Identifying The Early Signs

Updated on 27 March 2020

The mental health crisis has been taking over the best of us. From children to adults, a lot of people are suffering from various kinds of mental illnesses which definitely is not a sign of a healthy society. However, the good news is that with careful considerations and good medical help, mental health issues can be tackled well.

If we talk about the growing rate of mental health issues in children, we will find that we are not on the right track. There could be several reasons for determining this sad fact. However, if we practice our positive vision, we will be able to focus more on the solutions rather than the problem.

Now the question arises – what’s the best way to go about mental health issues in children?

According to renowned psychiatry experts, the most important thing to understand while dealing with children’s mental health issues is their early identification. For this, parents need to be extra vigilant at all times. This doesn’t mean curbing your child’s freedom; this simply indicates the need to be more aware of what your kid is feeling, how he or she is responding to the outside stimuli or how you, as a parent, are acting in such circumstances – are you supporting your child or simply ignoring his or her deepest concerns?

Children don’t always feel comfortable while expressing what they need or what’s going on with them, especially when they are in the lower age spectrum. This is where you can help your child tremendously by booking an appointment at the best neurology hospitals in India.

Common Mental Illnesses In Child

Below-mentioned is the list of common mental illnesses your child might be suffering from:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Early Signs of Mental Illnesses

The early signs of mental illnesses are given below:

  • The feeling of sadness that continues for more than two weeks can be an early warning sign in children.
  • If your kid has been avoiding social interactions for no reason, things may not be just as black and white as they may appear on the surface and medical intervention may be required.
  • Self-abuse and self-harm is another important warning sign that you may not overlook. Special attention must be paid to the kids who have a history of self-harm. In extreme cases, medical help must be sought.
  • Listen carefully to what your kid has to say. If you are continuously hearing things about suicide or death, consider it as an important red flag.
  • If your kid is showing irritability or his or her emotional or physical outbursts have started becoming more frequent, it’s high time that you seek medical help for your kid.
  • In case your kid’s behaviour patterns are taking the extreme curve and eventually affecting his or her personality, you need to pay extra attention.
  • Other warning signs of mental illnesses in children include changed eating habits, weight loss, headaches, concentration problems, certain neurological disorders, insomnia etc.

If your kid is showing the above signs and symptoms, first take responsibility and try to help him or her out on an individual basis. If you plan to visit the best psychiatry hospital or the best neurology hospitals in Hyderabad with your kid who you think might be suffering from a mental illness, make sure that you meet the right medical expert. Getting your kid checked at the earliest at the neurology treatment hospital in India is the first step towards mental wellness.





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