Stroke Signs and Symptoms

Updated on 31 October 2022

Stroke Signs and Symptoms

When someone has a stroke, it is crucial to take FAST actions. So, it can lessen any severe damage to your brain and body. A person suffers from a stroke because of interruptions in the blood flow to the brain. Your brain needs a proper oxygen-rich blood supply to help your body and organs function normally. However, if that blood supply stops, your brain cell begins to die, and it can lead to complete brain damage. But, if you understand the symptoms and notice signs of the stroke, you can take immediate action and perhaps save your life. To delve deep, let’s learn more about stroke, its symptoms, and how to use the FAST method to save a life.

Two Types of A Stroke 

Stroke is one of the main causes of death across the globe. People can survive a stroke and recover from any disability with timely treatment. However, if the blood flow is interrupted for a long time, it can cause permanent disability and brain damage. Causes & Risk Factors of stroke vary depending on the stroke types:

  1. Ischemic stroke: In this stroke, a blood clot has been created that stop the supply of blood to the brain. 
  2. Hemorrhagic stroke: During this stroke, one of your weak blood vessels can burst in the brain. You may experience bleeding in your brain.

Symptoms of a Stroke

The sooner you identify the symptoms of a stroke, the better your chances of recovery and more time to avoid any severe damage. It can reduce the time the blood flow to your brain gets interrupted. Here are some stroke signs and symptoms:

  • Weakness: It makes your arms, legs, and face feel numb. It can happen to only one side of your body also. A stroke can also cause severe damage, such as body paralysis. 
  • Confusion: Do you face any difficulty speaking, thinking, or understanding speech? If so, it is the cause of a stroke where you get confused in the middle of the conversation. 
  • Loss of vision: If you can’t see from one or both eyes, you are experiencing a stroke. Loss of vision or experiencing blurry vision is another sign. 
  • Improper balance: Loss of balance or coordination can result from paralysis or other weakening in the body.
  • Sudden headache: Feel a severe headache with no cause that can be an early sign of stroke. For migraine patients, it is difficult to identify signs of stroke. 

Use the FAST Method to Identify Stroke

Taking a simple FAST test will help you find signs or symptoms of a stroke.

  • Face: Check if one side of your face is drooping when you smile.
  • Arms: Try to raise your arms and do a downward drift in one arm.
  • Speech: Repeat a phrase to check the speech quality.
  • Time: Get time to take immediate action and call for a doctor at the best neurology hospitals in Hyderabad

If you have a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a ministroke, show temporary symptoms. If you see any symptoms or signs, take the help of health care providers and get the best treatment within three hours of a stroke. Also, do not drive while suffering from any of these symptoms. If someone is suffering from a stroke please visit CARE Hospitals for immediate medical attention.





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