10 Tips to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Updated on 8 September 2022

10 Tips to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among male patients all around the world. It is the second-most reason that leads to death in men first being lung cancer. Prostate cancer can affect any age but the majority are seen in men above 50 years.

Talking about the ways to prevent prostate cancer, there are tips that one can follow to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. The most important thing to do to reduce cancer risk is to maintain a healthy body weight (BMI). To do this, one must do regular exercise and pay keen attention to the diet one is having. 

Keeping the body healthy is a sure-shot way to prevent any kind of disease. Now, let’s get onto the tips.

Tips to Prevent Prostate Cancer 

Here are some tips to prevent prostate cancer:

1. Eat Red Fruits and Vegetables 

There are ample red fruits like watermelons, tomatoes, beetroot, etc that contain lycopene, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant. It has been proved that Lycopene can reduce the progression and the growth of prostate cancer cells in the body. Thus, one must include these red fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Eating cooked tomatoes more than 4 times a week can result in a 28% reduced risk of cancer as compared to other cooked foods. Just keep in mind – the redder the fruit, the more lycopene it contains! 

2. Add Citrus to make your diet healthy

Eating fresh citrus fruit is an important aspect of a balanced diet. It might help in lowering the risk of prostate cancer. According to stats, it has been seen that people who consumed the highest amount of citrus fruits have minimal or no risk of prostate cancer. Here are some fruits that one can try! 

  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemons
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Tangerine
  • Yuzu
  • Mandarin oranges

3. Eat Soybeans & Tea 

Isoflavone is a nutrient that has been considered to reduce the risk of cancer in Humans. This nutrient is found in tofu, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, etc. It is best to add these things to your diet.

Along with these, herbal tea like green tea is proven to eliminate the risk of prostate cancer. According to a study, it has been found that men who drank green tea had lower risks of getting prostate cancer. Having four to five cups a day can reduce or eliminate the risk. 

4. Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then there’s no need to worry! Drinking coffee has a proven effect on reducing the risk of prostate cancer. Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee daily can reduce the risk of high-grade cancers. It has been found that every three cups of coffee reduce prostate cancer risk by about 11%. 

Note: Keep in mind that high doses of caffeine can cause side effects like stomach ache, rapid heart rate, and trouble sleeping.

5. Limit the Intake of Fat 

There is a close link between saturated fats, animal fat, and prostate cancer. Along with meat, animal fats are found in butter, cheese, cakes, pastries, and other sources. To reduce the risk of prostate cancer, it is essential to replace saturated fat and animal fat with plant-based fats. For instance, you can use olive oil instead of butter, fruits instead of candy, and nuts instead of cheese. Also, avoid overcooking meat as it can also lead to prostate cancer. 

6. Quit Smoking

If you are smoking, then you must quit it right now! Smoking and prostate cancer are related in one way or the other. Smoking has led to a rise in death rates because people are at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer. If you are eating healthy food but smoking day and night, then it’s of no use. It is important to adopt a completely healthy lifestyle. It has been proved that people who quit smoking have a much lower risk of getting prostate cancer and other cancers.

7. Follow an Exercise Regime

If you are overweight or obese, then there are high chances of prostate cancer and even other heart and lung issues. Being overweight can negatively affect the body. Prostate cancer can progress and recur in individuals having a large waistline. This is when exercises come into the picture. Regular exercise prevents most cancers including prostate cancer. Regular exercises can help one manage their weight. There are benefits of exercises like improved cardiovascular health, better metabolism, increased muscle mass, etc. Do exercises like cycling, walking, swimming, bicycling, etc., as it will help maintain a healthy BMI.

8. Talk to a Doctor 

Early diagnosis leads to almost 100 % cure. One must know the symptoms of prostate cancer. Here are the symptoms suggestive of prostate cancer. You need to see a doctor at the Best urology hospital in Hyderabad immediately if any of these are present. 

  • Increase frequency of urination
  • Weak urine stream
  • Pain while urinating
  • Feeling the bladder isn’t empty after urinating
  • Passing of blood in the urine
  • Discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen

Ask your doctor if you have any of the mentioned symptoms.

9. Increase Vitamin D 

Most people don’t get ample Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps one in protecting from prostate cancer and other medical conditions. A person must include Vitamin D foods like salmon, cod liver oil, dried mushrooms, etc. Also, one must go out in the sun to sunbathe to get direct Vitamin D. If you wish to take any Vitamin D supplements, then it’s better to talk to a doctor first. 

10. Stay Sexually Active 

Sexually active men have less risk of prostate cancer. It is important to note that ejaculation clears the body's toxins and other unwanted substances that can cause inflammation and ultimately lead to prostate cancer. 

So, these are some of the tips that can help one in preventing prostate cancer. Being the most common type of cancer, one must know how to prevent it. To reduce or eliminate the risk, it is best to have a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy will help you get rid of any ailment. 

Talk to the best urologist in Hyderabad if you feel pain in the pelvic region or experience any other symptoms!  





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