Recovery Guide Post A Heart Attack

Updated on 27 February 2020

Leading a healthy life after you have survived the first heart attack is not as challenging as it may seem on the surface. However, the actual recovery journey begins once you are discharged from the hospital after your treatment for a heart attack. Generally, you need to stay in the hospital for 2 to 7 days. Depending upon the gravity of your situation, your doctor will suggest healthy lifestyle changes that you are required to make to lead a productive life after your first encounter with a heart attack.

Till the time you are in the best heart hospital in India, your healthcare professional will make certain amendments pertaining to your medication. The number of medicines and their dosage will alter. This will help regulate heart attack symptoms.

You need to be completely aware of all medicines you are taking including their names, their dosage, side effects, and the time you need to take them.

Emotional upheaval

It’s normal to experience emotional upheaval when you are recovering. You may also experience anxiety and depression. They may continue to take a toll on you for at least 2 months. If they continue to affect you, it is advisable to consult a mental health specialist. Having a conversation with your family members and friends about your feelings and emotions during this time is quite helpful as well.

Cardiac Rehab

A lot of hospitals run rehabilitation programs for heart patients. These programs can speed up your recovery process. Some doctors also refer you to heart centres which run these programs exclusively. You can join them and make the necessary changes in your lifestyle under the supervision of experts. These rehab programs include:

  • Physical exercise
  • Special self-care classes
  • Support from mental health experts

Post-Heart Attack Recovery Guide

You will be required to make the following changes in your lifestyle after a heart attack recovery:

  • Say No To Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, it’s no news. If you are a regular smoker, you need to stop smoking immediately. If you find it difficult to make this change, your doctors will suggest ways. You will be suggested nicotine alternatives like chewing gums and other medicines.

  • Manage Your Diabetes

In case, you are a diabetes patient, you need to be extra careful. Ask your doctor to suggest you ways to keep your sugar levels in check. You need to straighten up your exercise and diet routine besides keeping up with your medication course.

  • Eat Healthy, Exercise Often

Your recovery diet should include:

  1. Low unhealthy fats
  2. Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Fish
  4. Fibre-rich whole grains
  5. Low sodium foods

Moreover, it’s always good to ask your doctor before you make your diet plan. He or she will suggest you make changes taking into consideration several factors including the types of medication you are on.

A lot of people are not willing to take up exercise after a heart attack. Some kind of fear stops them. However, if you ask experts from the best cardiac hospital in India, they will suggest you otherwise. If you have not been previously physically active, you should start small. Make an exercise routine after consulting your doctor. He or she will tell you about the types of exercise you should do that will eventually make your heart strong and prevent further heart problems besides advancing your overall health.





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