Why Are Heart Attacks on the Rise in Young People

Updated on 12 November 2021

The facilities and technological knowledge that are provided for a comfortable life are reducing the life of man. On the one hand, technology is increasing and the field of medicine is breaking new ground. On the other hand.. the health of a man is running in the anti-clockwise direction. Once upon a time, heart problems were seen only in people over 60. Today, heart disease is devouring even those under 40. There are many causes of childhood heart problems. Enemies of the heart.. blood pressure, diabetes. But, in recent times, many people are suffering from heart attacks even if these two problems are not present. The main causes of heart attacks in young people are changing lifestyles, eating habits, lack of physical activity, and lack of exercise. Sometimes excessive exercise can also be a cause. These are the enemies that surround the heart of the youth.


One in five heart attack victims are smokers. Smoke causes blood to thicken. As a result, the clotting tendency increases. Blood vessels that should be soft become hard. As a result the blood pressure becomes high. Good cholesterol decreases and bad cholesterol accumulates. The smoke inhaled by the patient directly damages the blood vessels, putting them at risk of immediate blood clots. As smokers get heart attacks, the drugs are not as effective. Even after quitting smoking, it takes at least two years to reduce the risk of heart attack. It will take 10 to 15 years for heart health to reach the level of people who don't know what real smoking is. Breathing in second-hand smoke also increases the risk of heart attack by 20 to 30 percent. This is called 'passive smoking'.


There are also Oscars that come from a family tradition of heart attack. If the father gets a heart attack before the age of 55, if the mother gets a heart attack before the age of 65, there is a high chance that their offspring will get a heart attack at a young age.

Problems with Cholesterol

A poor quality diet leads to accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body. Lack of exercise lowers good cholesterol. To that extent, bad cholesterol increases and puts a burden on the heart. Cholesterol levels can only be determined through blood tests. It is a myth that only obese people have high cholesterol. Even thin people can have high cholesterol. So, it is best to get your cholesterol checked regularly. Changes in diet are also necessary.

Eating habits

Food habits have changed a lot in the last decades. The habit of taking fresh vegetables and fruits has decreased. Eating deep fried items, bakery items and processed food has become fashionable. This causes weight gain. Cholesterol and sugar levels are getting out of bounds.


The main cause of overweight, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, bad cholesterol.. is weight gain. If a person is overweight then it should be considered as an early stage of BP and sugars. Obesity does not come suddenly. Weight increases gradually. It is best to control it in the early stages.

Absence of physical exertion

Physical labor is reduced. Due to work from home, many are working without moving for hours. They are avoiding health check-ups on the pretext of lack of time. As a result, BP, sugar and cholesterol levels are increasing in the youth. Ultimately leading to heart attack.

Excessive exercise

Normally, it is normal for every person to have some degree of blockage in the blood vessels from the time of birth. It increases very slowly with age. However, it does not have much impact on health. As a result of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle, this blockage gets aggravated once in a while. Endless physical exertion and stress can be fatal. If you are ready for excessive exercise at once without regular exercise, it will put a burden on the heart. It has the potential to lead to a heart attack. Its rise in heart attacks among young people to increasing gym workouts. As a result, the blood vessels become 40 to 100 percent blocked within minutes. This causes a heart attack.

Mental stress

In the past, the family atmosphere was peaceful. Since the time of Corona, every house seems to be busy with work from home. Turning into a mini office. Since working from home, there is no opportunity to relax. Due to this, the youth is under severe psychological pressure. Due to family, financial problems, job insecurity, loss of professional relationships, etc., mental disorders are increasing. This 'psychological stress' is also a cause of heart attack.

Drug abuse

Drug abuse is the addiction of youth to drugs. The number of people under the age of 40 who suffer from heart attack is not small. Narcotics cause the blood vessels to constrict. Blood supply to the heart slows down and leads to heart attack.

Blood vessel occlusion

Severe damage to blood vessels can also cause a heart attack. If not, rupture or rupture of the blood vessels is a rare consequence. The exact reasons for this cannot be given. Both men and women are at risk.

Heart attack symptoms

75 percent of young adults do not experience chest pain before a heart attack. Direct heart attack. Some have burning, tight, heaviness in the center of the chest. The problem may spread to the left arm or throat. Symptoms like sweating and vomiting may also appear. In many cases these symptoms are likely to be mistaken for gastric or muscle problems. If you do not go to the hospital immediately, the blood supply to the heart will decrease and sudden death may occur. If the victims are taken to the hospital within 3 to 4 hours, the chances of recovery are high. Frequent chest pains should be investigated to determine the cause. More caution is required in the case of smokers, obese people and those with a hereditary history.

How to prevent heart attack

  • Stop smoking.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken.
  • Sweet, salt and ghee should be reduced.
  • Reduce red meat (beef, pork, mutton).
  • Foods made with castor oil should be avoided.
  • Do not eat processed and packaged foods.
  • Be careful not to gain weight.
  • At least 30 minutes of walking, jogging or swimming should be done daily. Five days a week
  • Exercise is a must.
  • Diabetes and cholesterol should be kept under control.
  • BP should be checked from time to time.
  • Avoid sudden exercises and excessive physical exertion.
  • Yoga and meditation should be part of the daily routine.

Heart problem can be detected by ECG. For some people, the first ECG does not reveal the problem. A normal ECG does not mean there is no problem. If you take it two or three times, there is a chance that the problem will come out. Echo and troponin tests should be done.

Treatment modalities

  • A single block is usually present in youth. Multiple blocks can occur in the same age group. Specialists place a stent based on the block formed in the blood vessels.
  • It is also treated with blood thinning injections. But it is effective if given within three hours of chest pain. After 12 hours the treatment is no longer effective.
  • After taking the blood thinner injection, the patient should undergo an angiogram. Bypass surgery is required if required.






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