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How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety During COVID-19


How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much upheaval around the world. Health and finances of people across the globe have taken a hard hit but the worst affected, perhaps, is the mental health of people. India, in particular, has seen an unprecedented surge of mental health issues such as anxiety and stress, exacerbated by the pandemic, ensuing lockdown, and social distancing norms.

The COVID-19 is a new virus, one that is still being researched by doctors and scientists. Given the uncertainty, the preponderance of news and views regarding the virus itself, its health impact, and even the growing rate of infections, it is natural that the health, safety, and well-being of you and your family is causing a great deal of fear and anxiety. This is particularly true of the more vulnerable group such as senior citizens, people suffering from co-morbid conditions, and those who have now been left isolated. Trying to keep up with work from home, home-schooling, online classes, domestic chores, and managing pets, can all add up to a great deal of stress. Here are a few tips to managing such anxiety and stress in these difficult times –

Eat Healthy – One of the best ways to keep your immunity levels up and prevent viral infections is to focus on your diet. Do not give in to the urge to binge eat and reach for junk food. Nutritious salads and smoothies, fruits and vegetables, protein, nuts, and seeds are all great additions to your meals. Remember to stay hydrated as well.

Exercise Regularly – Some of the best neurologists in Hyderabad believe that exercising is the best stress-buster and can keep off depression. Exercising regularly releases chemicals known as endorphins which are responsible for feeling good and reducing perception of pain. The fact that exercise also improves overall health and boosts immunity makes it an imperative.

Stay Connected – The damage done by social isolation and anxiety is untold. It is very important in times like these to stay connected and share good times with family and friends. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to video call, hold web conferences and meetings. Do not miss out on celebrations such as holiday celebrations, birthdays, and anniversaries due to travel restrictions.

Take Breaks – Quite often we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Difficult times need a different approach. Once in a while it may be a good idea to shelf the ‘To Do’ list and take a much needed break.

Seek Help – In pandemic times, caring for people with other health issues, those recovering from a COVID-19 infection, and for vulnerable groups like babies and senior citizen can cause anxiety. It is best to seek help. CARE Hospitals offer special consultation with the best neuro physician in Hyderabad for those who are recovering from COVID-19 or are suffering from neurological ailments. It is best to reach out and contact your hospital for information about safe consultation practices.

Offer Help – In times like these, increased reliance on the community can help foster bonding. Offer to help fetch groceries or help for old and ailing neighbours, help set up digital payment systems for domestic helpers and others in your community.

Stay Safe – Staying safe and taking adequate precautions is the best way to fend off anxiety attacks. Teach young children the right way to wash hands, sanitise everything that comes into your household, and wear masks to protect yourself and your family.