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Kidney Health : Conditions That Can Affect Your Kidneys


Kidney Health : Conditions That Can Affect Your Kidneys

Kidney diseases create a major impact on the body’s ability to filter out waste from your blood and maintain the blood pressure of your body. The damage to the kidneys results in waste products and fluids being built up in your body which often lead to nausea, shortness of breath and poor sleep. If it goes unchecked for a long time, serious health complications like kidney infection, urinary tract infection among other things, can cause a lot of trouble to the patient.

A chronic kidney disease is a permanent damage caused to the kidneys which leaves them beyond repair. The treatment options in such cases are either dialysis, where a machine performs the functions that your kidney is supposed to or a transplant, wherein you get new kidneys from a donor. In most cases, when the damage gets out of control, one needs to opt for a kidney failure treatment for a healthy and better life.

Some of the health conditions that are responsible for affecting the normal functioning of your kidneys are:

  1. Diabetes: Diabetes has been a leading cause of kidney failure. It damages the blood vessels and filters present in the kidney. Due to the inability to filter out the waste efficiently, the presence of salt and water is more than it should be. The damage can result in urine backing up and harming your kidneys through infection.
  2. Anorexia: This is a condition where the individual does not eat enough to maintain the appropriate weight. The weight of anorexic people is generally 15% less than what it should be. This results in a lack of essential nutrients in the body such as electrolytes and salts. This condition eventually leads to kidney diseases or a failure.
  3. Cholesterol: High cholesterol is one of the most dangerous health conditions to suffer from. This often gets accumulated in the vessels that carry blood in and out of our kidneys. This to and fro often leads to unhealthy kidney with a loss of functioning. The person might also suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes.
  4. Lupus: It is one of a kind disease that makes the immune system attack certain parts of the body. It is called lupus nephritis when the kidneys are attacked due to this condition. The blood vessels that filter out the waste from the kidneys end up scarred or become swollen.

Even if you feel the slightest hint of a kidney dysfunction or abnormality, it is best to get it checked immediately and not ignore the symptoms. Care Hospitals are known for the best kidney transplant in India. The team of doctors are exceptional and will tend to all your health issues.