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Face Summer Like A Champion

Face Summer Like A Champion

Indian summers can be fierce. The heat often leaves us feeling drained of energy and the main culprit is dehydration. Here are some tips on how to show summer who’s boss!

Face Summer Like A Champion

Coffee and cool drinks are not your buddies:

Water is the ultimate cure for our thirst, but most people prefer a sweet and aerated “cool drink” over a simple glass of water. Unfortunately, while these cool drinks make us feel perkier for a moment, they only end up increasing our thirst after a while.

Another popular choice is cold or iced coffee. It’s common knowledge that caffeine can give you a temporary energy boost, but it also makes you dehydrated!

If you’re an iced coffee / cool drink lover, try to consume these beverages in moderation this summer, or at least take care to balance them out by drinking coconut water, butter milk, and lemonade.

Don’t go overboard with ice cubes and refrigerated water either.

Remember these tips while caring for children and the elderly:

Small children and old people often can’t express the fact that they are feeling thirsty, so be sure to proactively offer them water frequently.

The ability to handle heavy foods is also lower in children and elders. Offer them easily digestible foods (ex: curd rice).

There’s no way to prevent an energetic child from playing and frolicking during the summer holidays. However, try to ensure that your child ventures outdoors only after 5:00 PM, as that’s roughly the time by which the worst heat of the day has passed.

Dress for the weather:
Wear loose clothes which absorb sweat. Don’t use silk, jeans and tight blouses. Prolonged sweating in an unbreathable material can lead to clogged pores and prickly heat.

Protect your skin from the sun:

Apply sunscreen lotion at least 15 mins before setting foot outside. It takes a few minutes for sunscreen to take action, and it is not as effective if you put it on just moments before leaving the house.

Opt for lotions which have SPF 15 or higher.

Shield yourself from the glare:

When choosing sunglasses, it’s always tempting to simply pick the one that makes us look stylish. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the darker the tint of the lens, the better protected your eyes are. Find a balance between style and safety, and protect your eyes from the heat.

Use coloured umbrellas instead of black ones. A black umbrella will absorb heat from sunlight and result in a pocket of heat building up around you. A good sun umbrella should be light in colour, so as to reflect/ deflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool.

Beware of Sunstroke and Heatstroke:

Watch out for these symptoms in yourself and those around you:

  • Body Pains
  • No Sweat
  • Body temperature around 104°F or higher
  • Dry Skin
  • Vomiting
  • Yellow Urine

Please consult the nearest hospital if you notice any of these symptoms.

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