4 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Kidneys

Updated on 22 November 2019

What can cause damage to your kidneys?, Reason and How kidneys get Damaged?

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One of the most integral internal organs the human body is blessed with, the kidneys perform numerous essential functions to strengthen your bodily mechanisms. From regulating water in your body to eradicating waste products and toxins, the pertinence of kidneys can’t be ignored. Kidney diseases become a perilous reality the moment you start flouting your kidneys by indulging in damaging behaviours. It is good to have knowledge of what can cause damage to your kidneys and take preventative measures to avoid kidney problems.

At first, you will not be able to figure out what’s wrong but as time will pass, the signs and symptoms of kidney diseases will start surfacing. The end result - you will find yourself in complete havoc, seeking various kidney treatments including kidney failure treatment, treatment for urinary tract infections, kidney stone treatment, etc. All this can be prevented if you become conscious of your damaging habits (that are harming your kidneys) and take responsibility for correcting them.

How do kidneys get damaged?

The below-mentioned points are a few causes of kidney damage. Have a look:

  • Abusing Painkillers

A lot of people take over-the-counter pain medicines, commonly known as painkillers, to help alleviate various kinds of pain that occur in their bodies from time to time. Although these painkillers help you manage your pain, overdoing them can severely harm the health of your kidneys. You are more prone to kidney diseases if you are taking regular doses of painkillers especially NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).

  • Consuming Processed Foods

The food market is flooded with processed food items that are rich in sodium and phosphorus. According to studies, high phosphorus intake can seriously damage your kidneys. The same can be avoided by reducing the consumption of phosphorus in your food. If you are already suffering from any chronic kidney disease, you must not consume any food item which has high phosphorus content.

  • Not keeping yourself hydrated

When you drink enough water in a day, your kidneys automatically get a boost and remove toxins from your body in a much better way. You can also avoid kidney stones by plenteously drinking water.

  • Not maintaining a proper sleep schedule

Having a proper sleeping schedule is necessary for maintaining your overall health. The same goes true for the health of your kidneys. If you don’t keep a check on your sleeping cycle, you may disturb the functioning of your kidneys to a large extent. Besides the aforementioned ways, you are jeopardizing your kidneys if you are not indulging in physical exercises and consuming alcohol in excess.

If you are already suffering from chronic kidney disease and looking for the best kidney CARE Hospitals in India for treatment, it is more important for you to recognize your unhealthy conduct before it’s too late!





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