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4 Medical Tests To Diagnose Heart Diseases

Updated on 29 January 2020

4 Medical Tests To Diagnose Heart Diseases

The medical issues that affect your heart constitute heart disease. From blood vessel diseases to heart rhythm problems, there are numerous heart-related diseases that need medical attention at the earliest. You can visit one of the best heart hospital in Hyderabad, India to seek the best medical care.

Cardiovascular diseases are often confused with heart diseases. While cardiovascular diseases only include issues pertaining to blocked blood vessels that may lead to other serious implications like a heart attack or a stroke, heart diseases, on the other hand, constitute heart conditions affecting the heart's muscles or valves besides general illnesses of the heart.

If you suspect any heart disease, you would require immediate medical attention. The primary process leading to the treatment is diagnosis. Heart specialists perform certain tests to diagnose the type of heart disease you are suffering from.

Before performing heart disease diagnosis tests, your doctor will conduct a physical examination besides asking you a few general questions about your medical history along with your family’s. Heart specialists also perform general blood tests and chest X-rays to get deeper into the intricacies of certain heart conditions and suggest the best treatment plans for the same. Listed below are specific diagnostic tests your doctor will perform:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG): Using an Electrocardiogram, your doctor will be able to spot the anomalies happening in the rhythm and structure of the heart. This is done by measuring the electrical motion of the heart. It’s non-invasive and painless. During the procedure, the specialist puts two electrodes on the chest of the patient and measures the electrical activity. The recording is displayed on the connected machine.
  • Echocardiogram: An echocardiogram is performed using sound waves. With the help of sound waves, images are created on the screen that tells your doctor how your heart beats and pumps the blood. In this way, your doctor can speedily detect your heart disease.
  • Stress test: Doctors perform stress tests to diagnose heart diseases like coronary artery disease and heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias). Also known as an exercise stress test, a stress test is done to check how your heart works when you indulge in physical activities. Since the heart beats faster when you undertake a physical exercise, any blockage or issue with the blood flow can be easily detected in this state.
  • Cardiac catheterization: In cardiac catheterization, a catheter is inserted inside the artery or vein located in the groin or neck area. From there it travels to your heart and helps your doctor detect any underlying heart issues including narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels. It can also help in the hemodynamic assessment.

Whether you are going for a simple heart procedure like an angioplasty or even a heart transplant in Hyderabad, the above-mentioned diagnostic tests are performed by your heart care specialist as a part of the treatment. Having certain know-how will help you keep your anxiety levels down and be comfortable during the procedure.







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