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Heart Health Facts You Must Know

Updated on 3 December 2019

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Your heart makes for one of the most important and hardworking organs of the body. It works through every second, keeping you alive and healthy. But we hardly return the favour. With physical fitness becoming more popular and dietary concerns taking over the millennials, we find everyone working for a fit body and physical appearance. But not very often do we see people working specifically for a healthy heart.

All the best heart specialists in India agree that there need to be an increase in the awareness about heart diseases and conditions. What is surprising is that most of the general population is uninformed of the symptoms of a heart attack or how to deal with one. Knowledge with regard to the heart will not only help you reduce the risks of a heart attack but also allow to help others in emergencies.

In an effort to increase your understanding of heart health, we have listed some important facts about heart for you.

How does a heart attack happen?

The blood vessels of the heart are known as arteries. Their function is to pump out oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body after purification. These vessels are prone to get blocked due to the accumulation of fat resulting in a slowed flow of blood to the heart. Due to a lack of blood reaching the heart, it becomes strained and can stop working at times. When the flow is completely blocked, a heart attack occurs.

Symptoms of a heart attack

A heart attack can have different symptoms in men and women. The most common signs include severe pain in the centre of the chest that flows out to the left arm, sweating, shortness of breath and nausea. Any person facing these issues should immediately be taken to a hospital and treated for heart issues.

Difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest

People often believe that a heart attack is the same as a cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is an electrical malfunction that causes the heart to beat wildly. When the heart beats too fast, it starts to quiver and is unable to pump blood any longer. This causes the person to pass out and go into an unconscious state. If no action is taken within a few minutes, death occurs and nothing much can be done about it.

There are people who believe that because they have a healthy lifestyle, their body is at its best fitness level. But regular check-ups are absolutely essential to ensure that your heart is as healthy as you think it is. Ignorance and misconceptions often lead to a delay in the detection of issues, if any. Problems that could be resolved easily become complicated due to the delay. If you have the slightest symptoms of heart issues, visit a doctor immediately. You can consult doctors at Care Hospitals, one of the top heart hospitals in Vizag. Timely discovery assures better recovery and gives you a larger window to fight the problem.






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