Breast Cancer Symptoms One Must Never Ignore

Updated on 5 November 2019

Breast Cancer Symptoms One Must Never Ignore

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Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer types in the world. The prevalence of breast cancer is estimated to get tripled by the year 2030, studies suggest. This means if preventative measures are not carried out at the earliest, the world may witness the breast cancer epidemic very soon. To combat this life-threatening ailment in an effective manner, various breast care awareness programmes have been initiated by prominent healthcare advisory bodies and institutes alike. The idea here is to make more and more people aware of the breast cancer symptoms, the importance of early diagnosis and feasible treatment options.

With a sound understanding of the disease, you can safeguard yourself along with your near & dear ones from the menace of breast cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Let’s begin with comprehending the symptoms of breast cancer which must not be ignored at any cost:

  • Emergence of a lump in the breast/underarm

A lump occurring in the breast or underarm that doesn’t vanish on its own is one of the foremost breast cancer signs. Generally, when a woman experiences her periods, she feels the lump in her breast or underarm. However, the lump appearing during the menstruation cycle is temporary and goes away on its own. On the other hand, the breast cancer lump is permanent and is often painless with just some sensitivity or spiny feeling.

  • Continuous pain in the breast

Someone who has developed breast cancer experiences perpetual pain or tenderness in the breasts. The pain may not be tremendous but the continuous throbbing makes the situation very irksome to handle.

  • Swelling

If you are experiencing some sort of swelling in your breast or its surrounding area including collarbones and armpits, it may be a sign of breast cancer. Medical experts suggest that the swollen breasts/collarbones/armpits indicate that cancer has extended to the lymph nodes. This inflammation may even occur before you start to feel the lump in these areas.

  • Visible changes in the breast/nipple

The development of breast cancer drives the changes occurring in the breast. They are the changes pertaining to the breast size, texture or temperature. If a patient experiences reddishness on the breast skin or somewhat rutted skin surface, the advanced breast cancer stage is anticipated.

Some changes also occur in the nipples which are quite noticeable like the inwardness of the nipple, itchy surface etc. Nipple discharge is also common in women suffering from breast cancer. When an expecting mother is admitted to one of the best maternity CARE Hospitals in Hyderabad or anywhere else for her treatment, her entire body check-up is done to ensure that she is not showing any symptoms of breast cancer. This helps in safeguarding her from further complications that may affect her maternal life as well.

If the aforementioned symptoms start showing up, you must not delay visiting the best breast cancer hospital and get it checked as early as possible. Remember, the more the delay, the worse it becomes!






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