Easy Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Updated on 11 July 2022

Back Pain may be caused by severe trauma, for example, a bad fall or an accident. However, most of the time, it is due to incorrect posture maintained in your daily activities. This includes even the most simple tasks such as turning your body to reach an object, sitting in front of your computer for a long time without changing position, hunching to vacuum, or even carrying heavy bags. Hence, we have found some really useful tips to prevent back pain, however, we should keep in mind that preventing back pain is not a herculean task. It simply requires some adjustments in your lifestyle.

Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Let’s look at these easy yet effective tips on how to prevent back pain.

  • Exercise

Probably the most effective thing you should do to get rid of back pain is to move your body. How is exercise fruitful in preventing back pain? Muscles in our body need to move in order to stay healthy. If one cannot maintain proper shape, they will be more prone to hurt their back because they will face problems while doing the simplest of movements. Exercise enables your joints to be fluid and flexible. One more way of using exercise to prevent back pain is by keeping your weight manageable. If you are overweight, particularly along your stomach area, it will put extra stress on the back.

  • Take a Healthy Diet

Maintaining healthy eating habits allows you to have an appropriate weight while ensuring a stress-free body. A consistent diet full of extra spicy and fatty food puts a lot of strain on the nervous system which in turn leads to back pain issues. On the other hand, a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, protein-rich meats, milk products, and adequate carbs helps to maintain good digestion. The proper functioning of your intestines supports your spine and surrounding muscles. It has been observed that several people who are suffering from lower back pain deal with disturbed bowels as well.

  • Sleep Posture

Avoid sleeping on your back to prevent back pain. The ideal sleeping posture is on the side. In case you have to lay on your stomach, place a pillow to support your lower abdomen from under so as to minimise stress on your back. Try to get a supportive mattress with a pillow to rest your head. Make it a point to sleep enough. Resting well is a crucial aspect of good health. Exercising during the day will give you better sleep at night.

  • Good Posture

People who sit in front of the computer non-stop for seven to eight hours per day are actually creating their own problems. People hunch over computers and mobile phones all day, working, texting, and everything in between, but cannot understand the damage they cause to their bodies and the inevitable pain thereafter. The solution is to choose an ergonomically comfortable workstation for working long hours, in the office as well as at home. Try to divide longer periods involving sitting at the computer using a few stretching exercises. Once you take care of your posture, you can preserve the natural structure and strength of your body.

  • Reduce Stress

Most people are unaware of the amount in which stress impacts your health. Stress results in tense muscles. With continuous tension such as this, you can suffer from severe back pain. Activities that help you curb stress are also going to help relieve back pain.

  • Quit Smoking

Everyone is well aware that smoking is responsible for an increased risk of cardiac problems and even cancer of the lung and colon. Unfortunately, people do not count smoking as the reason behind chronic back pain. It is proven that smoking can worsen existing back pain. The exact process of smoking affecting back health has not been established. Some scientists believe that it is due to the narrowing of blood vessels. This results in a reduced level of oxygen and nutrients that reach the spine making it far more vulnerable to injury.


It is possible to reduce the risk of back pain by adopting simple changes in your lifestyle. Nonetheless, when you experience chronic back pain, it is best not to ignore it. Back pain is often the symptom of worse conditions. Ensure that you visit a back pain specialist in Bhubaneswar for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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