Knee Replacement Surgery, Types, During and After Procedure

Updated on 27 August 2019

Knee osteoarthritis, which is a form of arthritis in the knee, is excruciatingly painful and can have a negative impact on daily life. People suffering from knee osteoarthritis have difficulty performing ordinary functions like climbing the steps and walking. Luckily, the pain can be cured by going in for knee replacement surgery.

What is knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement in India is performed on patients to relieve them of pain. In this kind of surgery, doctors remove the damaged joint and replace it with an artificial one. This not only lessens the pain but also results in better movement of the knee. Before performing the surgery, doctors examine the condition of the knee. Only when the other forms of treatment fail to relieve the pain, knee replacement surgery is conducted. Thanks to groundbreaking medical advancements, knee replacement surgery has a very high rate of success.

Types of knee replacement

There are different types of knee replacement surgeries like Total Knee Replacement and Partial Knee Replacement. Total Knee Replacement is a common surgery where both sides of the knee joint are replaced with an artificial one. In a Partial Knee Replacement, only one side of the joint is replaced. While TKR ensures better movement, PKR surgery takes less time to perform.

Getting ready for the surgery

Before conducting the knee replacement surgery, the doctor will try to find out the extent of the damage by performing an X-ray of the knee. He may also ask you to get some blood tests done. Apart from this, seeking the medical history and medications being taken by the patient are a part of the procedure. On your part, be frank with the doctor for the best possible results.

What happens when the surgery is in progress?

Though the actual surgery takes between 1 to 2 hours, the patient may have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. One of the first steps is to fit an intravenous line into the patient’s vein before the surgery is to begin. After this, general anesthesia will be administered so that the patient does not feel any pain during the surgery. To remove the damaged or aching joint, a cut usually measuring between 8 to 10 inches is made on the skin covering the knee. Once this is accomplished, an artificial joint will be put in its place.


Unlike other surgeries, the recovery of a patient after a knee replacement surgery is quite fast. The person can start walking again a day after the surgery is done in the best knee replacement surgery hospital, but the person will require some kind of support like crutches or a walking stick. However, within a month the patient can make a full knee replacement recovery. The difference in the condition of the knee before and after the surgery is remarkable. With no pain and greater flexibility, indulging in basic activities would become easier.  





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