How to prepare for a Joint Replacement Surgery?

Updated on 10 May 2019

When treatment options including medication and physical therapy fail, surgery is the only option considered. A patient suffering from joint pain needs joint replacement surgery in order to lead a more active life by eradicating the primary causes of joint pain. By definition, it is a surgical procedure in which the diseased or damaged parts of the prominent joints present in the body are removed and replaced using a prosthetic implant. Two of the most common orthopaedic surgeries include – Hip replacement and total knee replacement in India, over 180 million people are suffering from common joint-related ailments, predominantly arthritis.

Steps towards preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

If you are positive about joint replacement surgery, you need to prepare yourself in advance to get better outcomes. Below mentioned are a few preparatory tips you must follow when you are going for joint replacement surgery. Have a look:

Gain knowledge about the entire procedure

Before you go for the surgery, you must be fully aware of the entire procedure. This will help set your expectations right. Whether you want to know about your hospital stay or you are more interested in understanding the post-surgery pain management process, your doctor will brief you all about it. Consequently, you will feel much at ease.

Gather all your medical/personal documents in one place

It is extremely important to have your medical as well as personal documents in place so that you don’t face any issue later. Be it your insurance cover, medical reports, or any other relevant document, you must present these documents well in advance to your healthcare team in order to meet quality assurance. The following document list will come in handy. Read on:

  • Your medical documents include all the doctors you have been seeing and the reason for the same.
  • Information about your medical situation, treatments you have undergone, and a list of the medications you have been taking.
  • Information about the common allergies you are suffering from including food allergies.
  • Your dietary limitations.
  • Complete information about your health insurance company.
  • Any sort of relevant legal document.

Try to be in your best physical and mental shape

If you want fewer complications during the surgical procedure and a shorter recovery time, you should try to be in your best physical as well as mental shape. To know more, read below:

  • Quit smoking as smoke delays the recovery process.

  • Maintain a nutritional balance in your diet.

  • If you are overweight, it is recommended to go for a weight-loss program. before you proceed with the surgery to avoid any kind of unnecessary stress on the new joint.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol 48 hours before the surgery.

  • Consult your doctor about any physical exercises which are suitable for you.

If you are looking for the best joint replacement surgery in India, make sure that you bestow your trust in the best joint replacement hospital only. The healthcare team at CARE Hospitals with their rich experience ensures that you get the best care and treatment possible.





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