Benefits of Immunisation

Updated on 23 November 2022

Optimum healthcare is an indisputable right of every human being. There are some serious diseases which don’t have any cure or they leave serious ill-effects on health or might even lead to death. It is where Immunisation plays a crucial role in keeping people safe. 

Recently, there has been a debate between pro and anti-vaccination groups. However, the fact remains that immunisation currently prevents 3.5-5 million deaths from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, whooping cough, polio, influenza, and measles annually. The recent Covid 19 Pandemic made everyone realise the importance of vaccines in stopping the spread of life-threatening infections. 

Immunisation works by administering a dose of a weakened or inactive disease-causing microbe into the human body. This helps the body to figure out a specific response for that microbe in case an active form of that microbe enters it in the future.

Benefits of Immunisation

Here are some benefits of immunization:

  1. Protection from deadly diseases: Immunisation can protect your child against deadly diseases. Diseases that were once known to have caused havoc in many parts of the world and taken several lives do not affect children today thanks to worldwide vaccination drives.

  2. Wiping fatal diseases from the globe: The contribution of vaccines has been integral in reducing the spread of infectious diseases. Generally, vaccines help to protect your body. Vaccines have also been credited with eliminating diseases like smallpox and rinderpest from the face of the earth.

  3. Stopping the spread of diseases: Vaccines do not just protect individuals but they also protect communities as a whole. Vaccines help in developing what is known as “herd immunity.” When enough people are vaccinated against a disease, it can help in stopping its spread altogether.

  4. A cost-effective way of disease prevention: Most common vaccines are cost-effective and a cheap way to ensure safety against particular diseases. The cost of vaccination when compared to the cost of treatment as well as physical and mental trauma during disease is negligible.

  5. A safe way of disease prevention: Vaccinations are tested and are deemed as a safe & effective way of preventing diseases. Although vaccinations may cause mild side effects like pain, fever, redness, and swelling, they are overall safe. This is because vaccines are only approved after multiple rigorous testing phases and review processes by scientists and healthcare professionals.

  6. Protect future generations: Vaccines not only help the present generation but also protect future generations. For instance, the future generation will not know the danger of smallpox because it doesn't exist anymore thanks to vaccinations. Also, if you are vaccinated against rubella the risk that pregnant women will pass it on to their children is low and so are the birth defects associated with it.

  7. Peace of mind: When your family is vaccinated, you can be at peace knowing that they are protected against some of the most harmful diseases around the world. 


Healthcare, protection from diseases and the safety of the human race have to be the priority of everyone. Seeing kids fight painfully against fatal diseases is a sight that no parent wants to even think of. Especially, as parents, we must ensure that our kids are safe and protected from deadly diseases. So be on time with your child’s immunisation schedule. Ensure that your family is immunised to keep them and the entire community safe. Book an appointment at the best hospital for vaccination for your whole family.





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