Tips for Healthy Weight Loss & Dieting

Updated on 8 November 2022

Tips for Healthy Weight Loss and Dieting

From time immemorial, one of the most common issues among people is uncontrolled weight gain. An increase in body mass by an increased intake of fats and no exercise results in weight gain. The causes of obesity & weight gain are many in number and are a very serious concern. It might represent the underlying major medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc. It is also a major concern in people who are dealing with depression and anxiety.

However, people concerned with losing weight may have heard of several unregulated products to help lose weight. While lack of exercise may be a contributory factor, there may be a number of health issues that cause weight gain. Reach out to your doctor for the best way to lose weight before it is too late.

A Few Tips To Lose Weight

Here are a few tips for healthy weight loss:

  • Eat Slow Not Low

A lot of people have a misconception that eating less reduces weight. When a person eats less, the body does not get the required nutrients such as proteins, carbs, vitamins, etc. to function properly. Eating less will only make you weak and tardy.

However, eating slowly means chewing the food slowly and completely. While chewing slowly, the food tastes better and it makes the food easy to digest. This being said, do not skip any meals to narrow the waistline. Most people skip breakfast in a hurry to get to school, college, work, etc. This is not advised. After waking up from sleep, the body needs the energy to function throughout the day. This is why breakfast is the most vital meal of the day.

  • Exercise

There is a large portion of people who do not get time for exercising their bodies. However, a lot of people also have a misconception that exercising requires a lot of time and can be done only under the supervision of a trainer. This is not true. Studies have shown that brisk walking for only 25-30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in the day. Studies have also shown that exercising even for 5 minutes of the day and steadily increasing the duration and workout routine will help in creating a balance. Exercising not only reduces the fat and calories in the body but also helps in curing any health-related problems.

  • Weigh the Calories

There is a difference between good calories and bad calories. Good calories, as the name suggests, are favourable to the body and provide the necessary nutrients to function. A bad calorie diet includes junk food or other unhealthy food. Understanding the difference and the intake of the type of calorie is very significant. For example, an apple approximately contains 25 calories while a diet coke contains 0-4 calories. Though diet coke will not contribute to your body, it is a bad calorie. An apple gives 25 calories and is considered a good calorie as it provides the body with supplements. Know the difference, bring the difference.

  • Avoid Unhealthy Habits 

Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, snacking on junk foods, etc. store a large volume of fat in your body. Apart from gaining weight, these habits also give rise to numerous health problems and decrease a person’s life span. Follow a proper diet plan.

  • Avoid Dehydration 

Always make it a point to drink ample water during the day. Drinking approximately 3 litres of water helps you keep yourself focused and active for a long time.

  • Nutritional Food 

Consume food and veggies that are rich in fibre, proteins, etc. Cut back on liquid calories, carbonated drinks, junk food, and sugar. Whenever you crave a snack, munch on cucumbers, nuts, carrots, etc. Usually, the stomach creates an illusion of hunger, do not fall for it.


As there exists a heap of misguided advice and tips to lose weight, always verify and confirm the plan that works the best for your body. Always pick a time to exercise even if it is for a few minutes. It takes time to lose weight with the right weight-loss plan. But sticking to the plan and consistency is what will trim your waistline. However, obesity is not a joke. Working towards it and reducing health problems is essential. 





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