Evolving Home Health-care trends

Updated on 18 August 2022

Pandemic times or not, the growth trajectory for home care services has been sturdy with a calling for quality and affordable healthcare services in the comfort of your home. The rise in nuclear families, working parents, senior citizens living alone, the constant reels of failed responsibility and the need for reasonable post-operative/chronic care, has made this industry witness a steady rise. And Then the pandemic and its convoyed scepticism to visit a hospital for non-emergent requirements have only enhanced the demand-supply gap for homecare medical services.

Moreover, the notion of Home Health care services being expensive, unstructured and unorganized has now seen a complete turn-around with new generation startups being backed by established investors and reputed hospitals extending home-healthcare facilities.

So can home healthcare be a solution to ensure that our elders remain as independent as possible and age with dignity; that we are able to save adverse healthcare costs following hospital discharge; manage chronic ailments, that do not need constant hospital infrastructure support, at home; and most importantly gain the mental strength and optimism, all through the healing process, that can only be attained in the place where you belong, your own home? If medical services at home are made available from reputed, trustworthy and experienced medical facilities it sure can (in consultation with your doctor of course).

CHL Hospitals, Indore provides one of the best home health care plans in a pocket-friendly and quality reach. A plan that is dedicated to delivering compassionate care at homepersonal Nursing And Assistant care, Medicine Home Delivery, Physiotherapy services, Blood Tests, ICU Care and Medical Equipment rentals – all in just a call. CHL, known for its high-intensity focus on in-house nursing and care professionals, allows its homecare services only to experienced medical specialists who have trained in the hospital facility before going for any service at home. Customized plans with flexibility in the number of hours of service, timings, location and pricing are all made possible. Moreover, our team of Physiotherapists and Phlebotomists and well known to get some of the best feedback from patients across the city. Other convenient facilities like health checkups at home and provide the same day delivery of medicines with 100% quality assurance, great offers and lifelong loyalty benefits program only add to the list of why one should use the CHL HomeCare service.






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