The Ignored Importance of Mental health

Updated on 18 August 2022

The absence of mental health problems does not entirely indicate strong mental health. In fact, being mentally or emotionally healthy is a lot more than just being free of depression, anxiety or other psychological issues. While at least one in four adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder, less than half receive treatment. But, why should one really be concerned about their mental health?

Better Physical Health

Your body and your mind have a love-hate relationship, bonded with a strong cord of understanding. Being physically ill often impacts your family and work life. It sometimes leads to stress, anxiety or in severe cases, depression. Just like physical health problems can lead to mental distress, mental health disorders can also impair or degrade a person's physical health. It is therefore important to adequately address both physical as well as mental health issues in order to stop this cycle of illness.

Good mental health leads to good habits

Mental disorders may have an impact on a person's healthy habits, such as eating sensibly, exercising regularly or even getting adequate sleep. A mentally unsettled person is often seen to develop unhealthy habits of smoking, alcoholism, depression etc which in turn increases the risk of physical illnesses.

A better Life

Self-love is the best way to boost self-confidence. Staying mentally and emotionally fit can boost one's self-esteem and confidence, thereby giving one the ability to deal with stress and bounce back from adverse situations. The willingness to learn new skills, maintain a good life balance, build healthy relationships, and adapt to change are some direct outcomes of good mental health which of course have a huge impact on an individual’s confidence and level of self-esteem.

Mental health is a major concern across the globe and while it is gaining prominence all around, India is still struggling to cope with its acceptance and the taboo around it. Alongside a progressive endeavour to have better acceptance, understanding and a support system for mental health problems we can adopt some simple practices to improve our mental health. Good social connections especially meeting people face-to-face, staying fit and active, maintaining a healthy diet, managing stress and maintaining a positive attitude, relaxation practices, reducing technology use and getting good quality sleep are some of those measures.

And always remember; seeking professional help for mental health issues should be as simple and important and seeing a doctor for any physical ailment.






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