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Updated on 18 August 2022

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Maintaining the motivation to work out whilst travelling often seems hard. Where will I find a gym? Shall I pack my exercise clothes or not? How will I find the time? These are some common debates that break one’s exercise continuity and motivation.

Going on a holiday or a work trip should not stop one from focusing on their health. Taking a break only makes it difficult to get back and start following your daily healthy routine. So, let’s talk about some of the things you can do to make your trip healthy without intensive workouts or any major requirements.

Ways To Stay Fit on the Go

  • Walk and explore

To travel is to explore and the best way to explore a new place is by walking. Skip the bus, train or taxi and explore the local areas walking. This gives you a better chance to understand the culture of any new place and continue some basic fitness routines. Do not forget to explore the travel area on the internet before going like-places to visit, clubs and adventure sports as well as weather conditions. It helps in planning the travel and sports kit. Prepare travel itinerary with time to optimize work and fitness routine.

  • Avoid Overeating

Try the new cultural/regional cuisines but make sure you avoid overeating while also keeping a check on the calories you intake, especially alcohol. Burn the extra calories with easy-to-do moderate exercises or physical activities like running, swimming etc.

  • Bodyweight workout

If you have been following a gym regime, doing a quick full-body workout (squats, pushups, burpees, lunges, bench press, mountain climber) in the comfort of your room is a great way to remain fit through that busy holiday schedule. Working for multiple muscle groups in one go means you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

  • Morning exercise

Waking up early for a holiday doesn’t seem that bad; it gives you more time at a new destination. Engage in some moderate exercise regimes to give your body a boost of energy. You can stay fit with a morning run, biking, yoga, and a hike followed by a healthy breakfast.

The most basic fitness and relaxation which can be done indoors in any weather conditions are Yoga and deep breathing Pranayam.

  • Choose the stairs

Avoid using the lift wherever you are staying and instead take the stairs to burn some extra calories.

  • Join local activities

While exploring a new place you will find often find some interesting local or regional physical activities - it may be sports, dance or any other physical activity. Learn something new and keep yourself fit. Some local sports clubs and bodies may be explored for optimum time and place utilisation.

  • Keep Hydrated

Not only does this helps control appetite and prevent overeating because often dehydration is mistaken for hunger, but it helps reduce excess water retention and bloating.

Keeping fit while travel is like the icing on the cake, the journey must be memorable and pleasurable so proper sleep is very essential. Keep some routine medicines and emergency numbers with you.

Enjoying every moment of life is a real pleasure one should aspire for.






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