How smartphones are destroying your health?

Updated on 18 August 2022

Smartphones: the most important thing for the modern-day Homo Sapiens to survive – well at least most of us think that. Undoubtedly today's smartphones work like a computer in our pockets making human lives rather convenient, but their overuse has some serious negative effects.

We Don’t even realise that we are constantly compromising our physical &mental health because of these electronic device. The cause of a number of our lifestyle-related problems comes from something right in front of our eyes and we happily choose to ignore it. It’s time we set boundaries and define how much we want to allow these smartphones to affect our mental health & well-being.

1. It Puts Your Eye Under Too Much Strain

Our eyes are the most & the worst affected due to our constant use of smartphones. Eyestrain, headaches, dry eyes & blurred vision may all be caused because of long continuous hours of smartphone usage without giving our eyes any rest. This situation is worsened if you have bad lighting around. Also, if one already has an eye issue then he/she is more susceptible to experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS).

2. It Affects Your Mood

According To the journal Personality & Individual Differences and several other phone addiction factsexcessive use of smartphones is directly linked to poor & negative moods. Using a phone day & night can increase your risk of developing low self-esteem, jealousy or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). A study published in the  Journal Of Social & Clinical Psychology highlights the very fact that frequent use of social media has been found to play a significant role in depression.

3. It Makes You Compromise On Your Sleep

Getting Sound sleep is one of the most essential factors for overall well-being. Inadequate or irregular sleep patterns may even increase the risk of long-term health conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, obesity etc. According to the Harvard Health Letter the Bluelight i.e the artificial light emitted by screened devices has been found to disrupt sleepSo, the next time you pick up your phone at night, remember it’s your health you are putting at risk.

4. It Sabotages Your Diet

Studies show that using smartphones while eating your meals may lead to eating more than what is required by your body. The brain remains so addictive and engrossed in the smartphone, shifting the brain's focus away from the quantity and quality of food eaten.

5. It Put Strain On Your Neck & Upper Back

According to a study published in HealthEssentials, a publication of the Cleveland Clinic, as and when we lean over four to look at our smartphones our neck experiences nearly 60 pounds of pressure. Excessive use of phones & continuous learning often causes problems in the upper spine. These symptoms have been coined “text neck,” meaning exactly as it sounds.

So, though making our lives simpler in many ways these smartphones may have some detrimental effects on our long-term health conditions. Its excessive use is negatively affecting our lifestyles and mental & physical health.






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