Five Easy Recipes to Build your Immunity

Updated on 18 August 2022

Taking precautions during these trying times is extremely important, especially when we're confined to our homes. It is important to eat food that is not just healthy and nutritious but that specifically builds our immune system. Following are some very simple recipes for you to start with.

‍Spinach soup

A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and iron, spinach also boosts your metabolism. It contains numerous antioxidants and beta carotene, which helps increase the infection-fighting ability of our immune systems.


Thoroughly wash and then boil 1 cup of spinach leaves. Finely grind them in a mixer. Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan and stir in some finely chopped garlic and onions (optional). To this add 1 TSP of atta and let it roast. Add some warm milk and stir constantly till it thickens. Add in the spinach puree and water. Finally, add salt and pepper as per taste.

Kabuli Chana Salad

In case you're tired of the mundane chole masala, you must try out the Kabuli chana salad. It is not only easy to make but also acts as a protein-rich & immunity-boosting recipe that is just the perfect snack to put together during those unprecedented 4 PM cravings.


Soak Kabuli chana in water overnight and cover. Put the soaked chana in a pressure cooker to soften. This may take 7-8 whistles depending on the quantity. Finely cut some onions, tomatoes, cucumber, green chillies and potatoes and mix in the boiled chana. Top up with some salt pepper, chaat masala, lemon and coriander.

Moong Dal Chilla

Moong Dal chilla is a regular in almost every household. Not only is this nutritious and tasty, but is also a must-try for all moong dal lovers! This preparation can be eaten either as a healthy snack, a starter or even as part of your main course.


Soak moong daal (with or without chilka) overnight. Approximately ½ cup for 2 chillas. Put the soaked dal in a mixer and add in some water, salt, ginger and green chilli. Grind until a fine puree is made. Heat a non-stick pan and sprinkle some oil. Spread the batter and let it cook well before flipping it over.

Beetroot Rice

Beets are fully packed full of vitamin C, folate (vitamin B9), potassium, iron and manganese-all essential to building a healthy immune system. They help relieve inflammation and prevent cell damage.  


Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pressure cooker and add 2 green cardamoms, 1-inch cinnamon, 2 cloves, 5 black peppers, ½ tsp mustard seeds and ½ tsp cumin seeds to it. Add in some finely chopped onions, ginger, garlic, curry leaves and tomatoes (optional). Sauté for 2-3 minutes before adding in a cup full of shredded beetroot. Add in some salt. Finally, add the rice and adequate water. Cover and cook till well done.

Methi ki sabzi with besan

Besides being the facilitator for weight loss, controlling diabetes as well as reducing bowel movements, methi is also extremely rich in proteins and quite high in fibres. So, you can simply make this nutritious vegetable in addition to besan or gram flour dhapakas for a mouth-watering, tasty meal!


Looking at the positives, this pandemic has given many of us a chance to learn new immunity-boosting delicacies that can be modified to compensate for those restaurant food cravings. Besides allowing us to hone our cooking skills, it also ensures time when spend learning to care for our immune system. So, let’s get cooking !! Stay Safe stay healthy.






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