The Importance of a Regular Routine During Lockdown

Updated on 18 August 2022

The emergence of COVID-19 has left the whole world baffled. Sudden change is hard to accept, and concerning the pandemic, this change is now enforced and we are all asked to conform with immediate effect. Ever since the whole country went into lockdown to try and limit the spread of coronavirus, we are all trying to adapt to the change and mostly leaving our houses only for absolute necessary needs. The positive aspect is that humans are an incredibly adaptable species, and what was considered “new” has now become the “new normal”. Constant hand washing, wearing masks, practising social distancing and following government-issued guidelines are how we are grappling with this once-in-a-century global pandemic.

A majority of us are working or learning from home. Most are enjoying it, but others are finding it challenging with home-life distractions and makeshift workspaces. We don’t have the separators we normally would between our work and private life. Since as humans we thrive on structure and stability, having a routine during lockdown is crucial. Listed below are more reasons as to why we need to structure our daily lives during the pandemic.

Helps maintain mental well-being

Lack of routine equates to lesser things to focus on, hence driving our attention towards personal problems, often the unnecessary ones, and the current situation, which may be beyond our control anyway. Moreover, ruminating on distressing things can exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety. Having a structure to your day will therefore help you stay positive and productive and also alleviate stress and anxiety.

Has immunity-boosting effects

Incorporating physical exercises into your daily routine is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic because research has now shown that regular, moderate-intensity exercise has immunity–boosting effects that may help your body fight off infections and heal faster.

Gives a sense of control during these unprecedented times

Even if you typically don’t have a strict schedule, having a routine can be helpful in times of unpredictability, uncertainty and stress. Implementing a structure to your day can give you a sense of control over your life and adds an aspect of predictability to it. In addition, it helps one elude the whirlpool of consistent laziness and putting things off for a later time.

Keeps us organized

Creating and following a routine helps you complete the necessary tasks for the day, which can leave you more time for personal hobbies and fun activities. One feels more organized and productive with a routine, therefore helping us feel more proactive and in control in the face of a stressful situation.

Enhances overall health

A routine especially in times like this when time management seems to be a lot under your discretion influences your quality of rest and sleep schedule which has a direct impact on your mental sharpness, performance, emotional well-being and energy level. It helps reduce procrastination, and the need to constantly plan and instil good habits that last a lifetime.

Embrace the change and make the most of it. Set a routine that helps you stay positive, prioritize what’s important and work towards achieving your goals. Alongside, eat healthily, exercise well and most importantly set time aside for activities that make you happy and matter the most.






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