Pregnancy and COVID-19

Updated on 18 August 2022

COVID-19 has become the buzzword for quite some time now. All sorts of debates rise around the corner. Often in such distressing times pregnant women, children and the old are even more concerned. Their repeatedly being called the ‘vulnerable group’ implies that their risk to contract infections remains on the higher side. Here is when multiple doubts and apprehensions cross one’s mind. And, proven yet or not, since a pregnant body anyway undergoes tremendous transformations, extra care must be taken.

Pregnant or not, the basic precautions to prevent getting the virus, however, remain the same. The measures commonly spoken about – sterilizing, measures of self-isolation, washing hands regularly, avoiding public gatherings, wearing a mask and so on, are to be strictly followed, without unnecessary added fear. The thing to stay wary of is to inform your first point of help/doctor immediately in case of any coronavirus symptoms.

Coronavirus Effect On Pregnant Woman

Though studies on pregnant women are evolving with the virus timelines, here are some known effects of the virus on pregnant women:

  1. There is no evidence that a pregnant lady is more at risk of contracting the virus than any other individual
  2. The effect of coronavirus on your unborn baby during pregnancy has still not been proven. However, studies say that it is unlikely that the infection will be transferred to the unborn baby. For babies who have been born with the virus, it is still unclear if the baby contracted the virus inside the womb or immediately afterwards.
  3. Also, there is no confirmed evidence yet, suggesting that a pregnant lady is at a higher risk of miscarriage if exposed to Covid-19.
  4. In most cases, pregnant women might suffer from flu-like symptoms, the severity depending on their immunity level.


The precautions can be divided into two groups,

  • For pregnant women who haven’t contracted COVD 19
  • For pregnant women who have tested positive for COVD 19

For the former group, precautions remain more-or-less the same as for any other individual,

  • • Wash your hands frequently
  • • Maintain social distancing
  • • Wear gloves and a mask if stepping out of your home
  • • Inform and get checked when you feel any respiratory or other abnormal symptoms. Take prior appointments to prevent touching or waiting unnecessarily.
  • • Do not miss out your prenatal scans/appointments without talking to your doctor
  • • Practice good respiratory hygiene
  • • Work from home, and try fixing as many virtual appointments as possible

For the latter, besides the precautions already mentioned above, it is important to self-isolate, practice regular respiratory hygiene and keep your medical practitioners informed at all times so extra precautions, if any, can be timely implemented. Please do not take any medication without consulting your doctor. Also, it is essential to not panic and remain calm.

With differing theories on alterations to a women’s body during pregnancy, it is difficult to state for certain how exactly or severely COVID-19 will affect pregnancy. As experts suggest, pregnant women do not appear to be riskier than healthy adults to contract the disease or develop a more serious affect or any complications if affected by coronavirus.

Having said that, it is only advisable to maintain extra safety measures until there is a sure way out to deal with this ailment. Stay safe and healthy, especially if you are pregnant and Please Don’t Stress!!






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